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Pallet Filling

Pallet Filling

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Pallet Filling

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  1. Pallet Filling System Manufacturers And Suppliers

  2. Feigeasia have a wide range of products is available that has particularly been designed to meet your requirements on gravimetric filling of drums on pallets and containers. You can choose from a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines.

  3. Feigeasia Technology offer complete systems for fully automatic packaging processes through the combination of filling equipment with our conveyor and palletising system. These pallet filling systems are available in either top fill only or bottom up fill (subsurface) configurations.

  4. Top pallet filling configurations are less expensive but limited to non foaming bulk products. Bottom up pallet filling configurations are very flexible systems capable of filling almost any bulk product within a wide range of foamy characteristics and viscosities.

  5. Pivoting pallet filling station for automatic and calibrated filling of drums and containers arranged on a pallet. This "working horse" is available in mobile or stationary execution and is especially employed for the automatic and calibrated filling of drums and containers arranged on a pallet as well as for filling of IBCs.

  6. Feige "Plug & Fill" filling machine type 17 as most variable mobile co-ordinate pallet filling station This mobile or stationary filling station is used for the filling of drums or cans on pallets. The filling unit is positioned to the bungholes via co-ordinates.

  7. Pallet filling machine for semi-automatic and W&M approved filling of drums and containers on pallets. Also suitable for the filling of IBC. The filling valve is positioned to the bunghole of the container by manual movement of the boom arm and pneumatically operated (2 pneumatic buttons) movement of the filling unit.

  8. The pallet filler fills any empty containers arranged on a pallet - ranging from the 20 l can up to the 1000l IBC. The positions of the filling openings are automatically located by a camera system and at the same time the filler recognises whether the containers are open or closed.

  9. The innovative "Plug & Fill" pallet filler type 37 offers a sophisticated, quick and safe matrix technology to fill most different types of containers. A fork lift truck places a pallet with the empty and open containers on a pit scale platform.

  10. Pallet filling machine shown in enclosed housing made of stainless steel with sliding doors in the in-feed and out-feed area. A patented camera system automatically and reliably locates the bungholes of your containers. The containers are then automatically de-bunged, filled as per W&M legislation, re-bunged and cap sealed.

  11. A CCD line camera and a frame grabber generate a two- dimensional image when the pallets enter the filling robot. The image processing system (patent pending) reliably locates the centres of all bungholes despite of possible stains or labels on top of the drum. A Remote Maintenance feature for the image processing system is available.

  12. To Order Find Out More Information On Pallet Filling Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Feige Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Contact Us: No. 6 Loyang Lane #02-03 Singapore - 508920 Tel : +6565464955 Fax : +6565468870 Email : Web :