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montse s photoshop creations n.
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Montse’s Photoshop Creations PowerPoint Presentation
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Montse’s Photoshop Creations

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Montse’s Photoshop Creations
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Montse’s Photoshop Creations

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  1. Montse’s Photoshop Creations

  2. Before

  3. After : Madame President In this Photoshop project I inserted myself into the magazine replacing the Sarah Palin that was already in there. After I added a filter to myself and replaced the words from Sarah to Montse, in the text under the title “Madame President”.

  4. Before

  5. After :Puppetier First I took a picture of myself and inserted it in the background. Then I cut my picture at the joints then I puppet warped it and attached the strings then I duplicated myself.

  6. Before

  7. After : A colorless life I began by taking a picture of myself and selecting myself. Then I used a filter to drain the color from the background.

  8. Before

  9. After : 4d painting I began by selecting my balloons and inserting them to the painting then I added a filter to them to match the painting, after I puppet warped the balloons to sway with the wind. Next I free transformed and skewed the painting to the art gallery wall I then added a frame and erased the outline of the man in front of the painting.

  10. Before

  11. After : Me in History I inserted myself in history into a medieval family portrait. First I selected my head and fit it on the body of the lady then I had to try filters to match the texture and lastly I slightly changed the opacity to fit in better to the painting.

  12. Before

  13. After : How to Hide a Bobcat I began by deleting the baby from the costume then I cut out the parts I needed and inserted them to the painting. I then puppet warped the bobcat to look natural in the costumes. Lastly I added the affect threshold.

  14. Before

  15. After : M tunes Firstly I took a picture of myself and selected myself and deleted my background. Then I painted my background black. Then I changed my paintbrush to stars and added layers of different colors to my silhouette. Lastly I drew the I pod headphones on.

  16. T h e E n d