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Interactive and Alternative Media

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Interactive and Alternative Media. Lecture 22. Recap. Chapter Key Points Interactive Media The Internet. The Internet Audience The Internet is the leading tool for information searching by all ages Teens spend more time online than any other age group. Measuring Audiences Hits

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  • Chapter Key Points
  • Interactive Media
  • The Internet
the internet
The Internet Audience

The Internet is the leading tool for information searching by all ages

Teens spend more time online than any other age group

Measuring Audiences


The number of times a particular site is visited


The number of people who click on a banner ad

The Internet
internet advertising

Relatively inexpensive

Can also deliver business

Advertisers can customize and personalize messages

Can provide sales leads or actual sales


Inability of experts to consistently produce effective ads and to measure their effectiveness

Clutter may even be worse than in other media

Internet Advertising
the web in international advertising
The Web in International Advertising
  • Not everyone around the globe has the access or ability to use the Internet
  • Advertising and sales promotion laws differ from country to country
  • Language barriers
  • Exchange rates
  • Technological differences among worldwide Internet audiences
e mail advertising

Unsolicited messages sent to e-mail in-boxes


Bulk e-mailers have to get permission to send


E-mailers have to have an option to say no to further e-mails

Viral Marketing

Uses e-mail to circulate a message among family and friends

E-Mail Advertising
alternative and new media

When companies integrate brands into the content of shows

Also called branded entertainment

Situational ads

Harder for the viewer to dismiss as ads

Product is a character in the program

New Internet Practices

Brand experiences on the Web

Companies making their Web sites more engaging and entertaining


Recurring episodes in a developing story

Blends advertising and entertainment to attract audiences

Alternative and New Media
alternative and new media1
Video Games

Opportunities to create online games as well as place products within video games

Planners and buyers are asking for standardized independent data that prove effectiveness

Wireless Communication

Links the common phone to a computer

The most important change in communication systems in the new millennium

Alternative and New Media
alternative and new media2
Nonelectronic New Media

Ads appearing in unexpected new places

Guerrilla Marketing

Unconventional marketing communication activities

Intended to get a buzz on a limited budget

Alternative and New Media
  • Tic Tac Gorilla Marketing
  • The Last Exorcism GM
  • Born Mobile bus stop
  • TNT Drama
  • The Internet
  • Internet Advertising
  • E-Mail Advertising
  • Alternative and New Media
  • Wells, W., Burnett, J. and Moriarty, S. (2006), Advertising Principles and Practice, Prentice-Hall, New Delhi, ND.