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“A Proactive Workforce and Rehabilitation Agency” PowerPoint Presentation
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“A Proactive Workforce and Rehabilitation Agency”

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“A Proactive Workforce and Rehabilitation Agency” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“A Proactive Workforce and Rehabilitation Agency”. Silver State Works Presented to: Governor’s Workforce Investment Board March 24, 2011 Lynda Parven, Deputy Administrator Employment Security Division. DETR’s Mission Statement.

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“A Proactive Workforce and Rehabilitation Agency”

Silver State Works

Presented to:

Governor’s Workforce Investment Board

March 24, 2011

Lynda Parven, Deputy Administrator

Employment Security Division

detr s mission statement
DETR’s Mission Statement

In collaboration with the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board, the Commission on Economic Development, Education, Department of Health and Human Services, employers, trade and apprenticeship organizations, and other stakeholders, DETR will develop a trained workforce that enhances Nevada’s economic stability and growth.

governor sandoval s workforce initiative silver state works
Governor Sandoval’s Workforce Initiative – Silver State Works

Effective July 1, 2011, DETR is implementing a new “umbrella” employment and training initiative, in collaboration with workforce investment system partners, to include:

  • Local Workforce Investment Boards
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Corrections
  • Economic Development

Through a seamless service delivery strategy, Silver State Works seeks to expedite the return to work of specific populations of job seekers in targeted sectors and provide employers with suitable and skilled workers.

silver state works
Silver State Works
  • DETR is re-directing $4.6 million of existing client service funds for each year of the biennium and will administer the initiative with existing staff resources
  • In DHHS’s budget request, Governor Sandoval has designated $6 million in FY12 and $4 million in FY13 in new General Funds for this initiative to support the Welfare Division’s efforts to get TANF and TANF-At Risk back to work
  • Collective goal with all partner programs is to place up to 10,000 workers in these programs by the end of FY13
silver state works5
Silver State Works

Silver State Works is an integrated, employer-focused initiative which targets the following populations:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) OR candidates “at-risk” of coming on TANF
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Veterans
  • Ex-Offenders as they re-enter mainstream society
  • Unemployment Insurance Recipients
  • Older Youth – Age 19-21 who are eligible for services as defined in the Workforce Investment Act of 1998
silver state works6
Silver State Works

Candidates will be assessed at 3 levels of self-sufficiency:

  • Tier 1 – Multiple or complex barriers
  • Tier 2 – Transferable skills; minor barriers
  • Tier 3 – Self-Sufficiency

Tier 3 candidates will receive specific program incentives to encourage an employer to hire


Silver State Works

To ensure businesses have the broadest range of Choices, the selection of one of the following three options will be the decision of the business.

silver state works incentive programs
Silver State Works Incentive Programs

Employer Based Training – allows laid off workers, who qualify for UI benefits, to simultaneously receive on-site training and regular UI benefits.

  • Available to other targeted populations
  • Provides a $200 training allowance every 2 weeks; $600 maximum
  • Participation for UI claimants is voluntary, but encouraged
  • Participants are required to work 24 hours/week up to 6 weeks while continuing a regular work search
  • Participants may pursue a training opportunity already offered by an employer OR find an interested employer on their own
  • Employers are encouraged to hire trainees as a condition of participation in Silver State Works
  • Orientations will be held on a regularly scheduled basis at Nevada JobConnect (NJC) offices statewide
  • Information received during the orientation will include:
    • How to improve chances of transforming training into permanent work status
    • How to maximize the training opportunity
  • NJC offices will develop training sites and complete all forms

Silver State Works Incentive Programs

  • Employer Incentive Job Program – Although the focus of Silver State Works is high growth and/or high demand occupations, any business that meets the requirements is encouraged to participate. Employer eligibility criteria includes:
  • An established, verified, paid-to-date UI account
  • A valid business license, if required
  • Must enter into a contract which establishes the following:
    • Wage
    • # of hours to master primary tasks
    • Maximum amount of reimbursement (up to 50% of the initially agreed upon wage; maximum 40 hours/week; does not include overtime, holiday, sick, or vacation time)
    • Contract length (based on estimate of time needed to complete training)
    • Method for reimbursement – timesheet/invoice and progress report

Silver State Works Incentive Programs

  • Incentive Based Employment – Supports employers who hire and retain eligible workers in full-time employment (30 hours or more)
  • Reimburses a portion of the wages in order to offset costs of training and employee development
  • Upon completion of certain requirements, the employer may receive a wage retention supplement of, on average, up to $2,000 payable in increments after each 30 days of successful employment; not to exceed 120 days
  • In some instances the incentive could be higher depending upon job readiness levels and the amount of resources required to train the participant
  • Employer Agreement outlines the following:
    • Role and responsibility to employee
    • Hourly wage rate (NV minimum wage or wage for similar job)
    • Employer provides sick and holiday pay similar to other employees