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Virtual Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtual Classroom

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Virtual Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You’ve Made It!. If you can see this screen then you have successfully opened the Elluminate Room in preparation for the Awareness Session. Virtual Classroom. Awareness Session. Check your Audio : Audio Setup Wizard: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard. Virtual Classroom. Awareness Session.

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Virtual Classroom

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    1. You’ve Made It! If you can see this screen then you have successfully opened the Elluminate Room in preparation for the Awareness Session Virtual Classroom Awareness Session Check your Audio : Audio Setup Wizard: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard

    2. Virtual Classroom Awareness Session While we wait for other participants to join our session please ensure you have run the Audio Setup Wizard: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard

    3. My Name is : Introduction This session should last approximately 30 minutes

    4. By the end of this awareness session you will have: Launched an Elluminate Room Checked Audio/Visual Settings Used basic Interaction Tools Viewed PowerPoint within Elluminate Experienced examples of the Use of VC in the Classroom Instruction on how to open your own Elluminate Room Objectives

    5. Each time you enter an Elluminate Session ensure you run the Audio Setup Wizard Audio Settings

    6. Raise Hand Participants Basic InteractionTools Polling Emoticons Step Away

    7. Type Message Basic InteractionTools -Chat Select Recipients Click Send

    8. Click to Transmit Basic InteractionTools -Audio & Visual Click to Speak

    9. How can we use Virtual Classroom? Use Text Tool -

    10. Doctor Who?

    11. Uploading a PowerPoint to Elluminate (Moderator): Click from Whiteboard Tools Select position in Session Select PowerPoint File to Open Choose Canvas Size PowerPoint is displayed as the next slide PowerPoint

    12. Decide on Presenters, questions, content, subject etc. Video? PowerPoint? Do you need to be showing webcam during this? Keep School Internet Use to Minimum at planned time Length of session Planning the session

    13. Locate the webcam and microphone Test that everything works Ensure Computer can run Java 6 Problems - Log a call to C2k Service Desk Preparation for Elluminate Session

    14. Give moderator status to your other participants if necessary Check Audio Always do this to ensure everyone can be heard Output = Speakers (external/whiteboard) Input = Microphone (headset/desktop/webcam) Mute the microphone when your school isn’t presenting; this will reduce feedback At Start of Session

    15. Ensure presenter is positioned in front of camera (if used) and speaks directly into the microphone Presenter should introduce themselves Allow time for questions and feedback During the Session

    16. Examples of VC in Use

    17. Improve talking and listening skills Improve collaboration/team work Develop ICT skills Making new friends Teacher Professional Development Cultural exchange Develop new research skills and encourage independent learning Help encourage internet safely Increase confidence Save travel costs Build online communities Support a variety of learning styles Remove geographical boundaries Some suggested benefits

    18. To Participate in any event, email : Upcoming Video Conferencing Events

    19. Where is My Elluminate Room? From MY-SCHOOL

    20. New Version of Elluminate – Collaborate! Desktop Version Mobile Version Coming Soon!

    21. For support and more information see: C2k Exchange | VC Zone Helpsheets Examples This PowerPoint Full Elluminate Manual More Information

    22. Enjoy the collaboration You will quickly see an increase in confidence The more you use Elluminate the easier and less stressful it will be Next Steps : Have informal VC sessions with colleagues, friends and family Finally!