education keep the foster children in their school of origin n.
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Education Keep the Foster Children in their “School of Origin” PowerPoint Presentation
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Education Keep the Foster Children in their “School of Origin”

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Education Keep the Foster Children in their “School of Origin” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education Keep the Foster Children in their “School of Origin”.

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When ... we remove any Child from his/her parent’s home, we ALREADY KNOW that weMUST give preference to1. Placing the Child with either the non-custodial parent or a relative. 2. Placing siblings together.


During the placement decision process, we also need to consider, whenever possible,keeping the Child in his/herSchool of Origin.

the school which the child attends is an important decision component in the search for a placement

The school which the Child attends is an important decision component inthe search for a placement.










because students who switch schools frequently

score lower on standardized tests.

Studies show that they scored

20 points lowerthan students

who had not changed schools!

Because ...

Students who switch schools frequently ...


Children take 4-6 months to recover


after changing schools.


What’s going on?



Moves during high school

greatly diminish the likelihood of the Youth achieving graduation.

And ...


To minimize these challenges for our Children and to enable our Social Workers to maintain school consistency, California enacted ...AB 490


… So …

What do CSW’s need to do?


Ask Parents ...

What school their Child attends

What school programs the Child was enrolled in

What school they want their Child to attend

Then ... --

* Document in CWS/CMS

(…so it will populate into the

Health & Education Passport.)

* Document in the court report


Talk to the Child ...

- About his/her school & concerns

- His/her interests, relationships with teachers & school friends

- Ask if he/she wants to continue in the school of origin

Then ... --

* Document in CWS/CMS Contacts

* Document in the court report

if at all possible

If at all possible,

Find a placement within the Child’s

current school community.



… if the Child truly can’t stay in his/her

School of Origin & must transfer,

document the reasons in CWS/CMS

& in the court report.

The Child can be


in the new school!


Then ...

Contact the Child’s New School District & ask for the Local Educational Agency Liaison

* The LEA Liaisons can ...

-Ensure that students enroll in school

- Ensure that a Foster Child is identified for services

- Assist in the transfer of school records

- Resolve enrollment and educational service disputes


- Remember -

Foster Children are well served if they stay in their schools of origin.