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start. Flowers of Panama. Queen of Orchids. Laelia Purpurata. Laelia Purpurata. Queen of the Orchids. -Orchids are among the most highly evolved plants on Earth and Laelia Purpurata is among the most spectacular

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Queen of Orchids

Laelia Purpurata


Laelia Purpurata

Queen of the Orchids

-Orchids are among the most highly evolved plants on Earth and Laelia Purpurata is among the most spectacular

--Laelia Purpurata originated in Brazil, South America and lives in intermediate to hot climates

-The prime flowering season is in autumn in which it produces 3-5 flowers per raceme which come in many different colors

-Among the three types of orchids Laelia Purpurata comes from the Orchidacea branch

-The Laelia Purpurata demonstrates tremendous individuality and creativity in design



  • The scientific name is Lantana Camara.
  • 150 species in the world.
  • They can change colors.
  • They are poisonous.
  • They smell bad!!

Flora of Panama: Oleander

-The scientific name of the Pink Oleander is Cerium Oleander.

-Pink Oleanders are shrubs.

-They are native to the Mediterranean region and grow about 9 feet tall.

-Most are pink, red or white.

-They have long leaves which by touch have a sharp rough texture.


Heliconia Mariae

  • Will grow up to 15-20 feet high.
  • Flowering season: all year round
  • Habitat: Primary rainforest, near rivers and brooks
  • Used as an ornamental plant, protects
  • water streams

Flame of wood

  • The scientific name is Ixora.
  • They grow in large ball shaped clusters.
  • They bloom all year.
  • They come in colors like red. yellow., pink and white.
  • Ixora comes from Ishwara, a Hindu god.

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