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Energizing Your Business On The Web PowerPoint Presentation
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Energizing Your Business On The Web

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Energizing Your Business On The Web - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Energizing Your Business On The Web. CFFORM Enhancements Presentation to MDCFUG Simon Horwith, CIO. Overview. Who Am I? General Overview – What’s New with CFFORM in CFMX 7? New Controls Tree, Select, Grid, Calendar New Formats Flash, XML New Layout Controls New Validation

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Energizing Your Business On The Web

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Presentation Transcript

CFFORM Enhancements

Presentation to MDCFUG

Simon Horwith, CIO



  • Who Am I?
  • General Overview – What’s New with CFFORM in CFMX 7?
  • New Controls
    • Tree, Select, Grid, Calendar
  • New Formats
    • Flash, XML
    • New Layout Controls
  • New Validation
    • Form, CFParam, isValid(), scriptprotect
  • New Look
    • Skins, CSS
  • Performance Considerations

BG Text

CIO – AboutWeb, LLC

Editor in Chief, ColdFusion Developer’s Journal

Member of Team Macromedia

Macromedia Certified Master Instructor

Who Am I?

New Formats - Flash and Xforms

New Controls – Calendar, Flash Grids and Select boxes, DatePicker

New Layout Model – similar to Flex

New Validation – new validation types, new methods of validating, new CFParam functionality, new isValid() method, XSS prevention, AND CONSISTENCY!

Support for CSS and Skins!

New Performance Best Practices

General Overview – What’s new ?

CFTREE - Flash, XML, and data formats

CFSELECT - Flash Format

CFGRID – Flash and XML Format


Date Picker

New Controls

Flash – uses special edition of Flex 1.5

XML (XForms) – many XSLT templates out of the box, or write your own!

<CFFORM> “format” attribute

HTML Layout (Tables) not used in XML or Flash Forms

New Formats

Label Attribute of form controls to define labels

<CFFORMGROUP> groups controls (* - flash only)

New Formats - Layout

<CFFORMGROUP> tags can be nested to create complex layouts

<CFFORMITEM> creates spaces, horizontal rules, vertical rules, and simple text output!

Like <CFFORM> controls, these can be dynamically generated and attributes dynamically populated

New Formats – Layout cont’d

Pretty much every <CFFORM> control, including <CFFORMGROUP> and <CFFORMITEM> has attributes:






New Layouts

New Validation Locations:





New Events (work for most elements):

New Validation cont’d

Hidden Fields for Server-Side Validation

New Validation – cont’d

You can now “mask” fields - VERY COOL

A represents letters

9 represents numbers

X represents alpha-numerics

? represents any other single character

All other characters represent themselves

New Validation cont’d

Flash forms support:

AS 2 in the onEvents and expose all of the control values as well as the AS 2 core libraries

The ability to “bind” controls with their “bind” attribute. Bind in one control means it’s value derives from another when the other changes. Syntax for a typical bind: {formcontrol.text}

For more on the syntax, read the Flex and AS 2 documentation

New Validation cont’d

<CFPARAM> - supports all the new datatypes AND “xml,query,variableName,”, has pattern, max, and min attributes

<CFPARAM> will throw an exception if validation fails!

New - isValid() function can be used to validate whether or not a value matches any of the datatypes supported by <CFFORM> and <CFPARAM>

<CFAPPLICATION> “scriptprotect” attribute prevents XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

New Validation cont’d

<CFFORM> and it’s controls and layout tags support:


XML forms supports about 10 skins and you can write your own using CSS and XSL!

Flash supports about 4 or 5 “halo” skins

CSS Styles

XML shouls have full CSS 2 support

Flash supports MOST CSS 1 and 2 (not positioning) and has several “extra” styles

New Look

Now you can specify the locations of your skins (XML only – ‘skin’), JS SRC (‘scriptSrc’), and applet (‘codebase’) document locations in <CFFORM>

Default location for skins is cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\CFIDE\scripts\ (css and xsl subdirectories)

<CFFORM> “accessible” attribute makes Flash screen reader accessible (adds 80K)

Specify whether to show a preloader (Flash)

Control Z-Index and transparency of Flash forms with ‘wMode’ attribute – “window”, “transparent”, “opaque”

Other neat stuff

Generating Flash requires compilation

To avoid recompilation, only make data dynamic – not attributes or layout

If you need to loop (not recommended for 10+ iterations or 5+ elements) use <CFFORMGROUP type=“repeater”>

Caching Data:

CF stores flash form values in memory when it generates a form

<CFFORM> “timeout” is a number of seconds CF stores the data in memory

If cache is expired or 0, the user receives “data expired” message and is asked to reload the page

Set to 0 for sensitive data that shouldn’t be cached

Performance Considerations

The End!

Feel free to email questions/comments to