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Massive leverage for success

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Massive leverage for success. Massive leverage for success. Give yourself all the chances of success Make life easier- not harder for yourself Improving and refining your craft Every day you keep finding new ways to make the process more efficient

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Massive leverage for success

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massive leverage for success1
Massive leverage for success
  • Give yourself all the chances of success
  • Make life easier- not harder for yourself
  • Improving and refining your craft
  • Every day you keep finding new ways to make the process more efficient
  • Yes- sometimes it means cutting corners! Be okay with this
massive leverage
Massive leverage
  • Massive leverage often comes from the desire to succeed and move forward and the desire not to fail or go back to how things used to be
massive leverage1
Massive leverage
  • Massive leverage comes from adopting the right mindset
the perfectionism f ck it mindset
The “perfectionism/f_ck** it mindset
  • You stick to a diet perfectly for a couple of days, you try to be perfect and you expect immediate results, then you go “This isn’t working, f*ck this!”
  • No more perfectionism, trying to stick to a diet 100% and setting unrealistic goals
  • Now you have new strategies to eat and exercise for pleasure and nourishment
the maintenance myth
The maintenance myth
  • There is no such thing as doing a maintenance diet for ever to maintain a weight you are happy with for ever!
  • Your body will change! Your situation will change, you will keep facing new challenges, life comes with up and downs!
  • But you will be refining your craft, you will keep on learning and adapting!
  • There is no maintenance, you either grow or you die, you are either ripe and rotting, or green and ripening
difference between perfecting and refining
Difference between perfecting and refining
  • Perfectionsism
  • When something is perfected it cannot be refined further- it is fixed it cannot be improved
  • You do not want the perfect diet, program or the perfect method
  • What you want is to continuously improvise and refine your method based on your situation
how have i refined my slimming body image method for myself
How have I refined my slimming / body image method (For myself)
  • Back in 2008
  • Cook healthy meals everyday
  • Did groceries shopping every couple of days- stressed out what to eat
  • Measured results on bathroom scales
  • Did jogging every morning before work
  • Went to gym 4 times a week in the afternoon
  • Stressed out when ate out
  • Use to like my body because I lost weight and was slim
how i refined my process
How I refined my process
  • In 2010
  • In order to make life easier, prepared all my meals on the weekend and allocated in containers ready to go
  • Used to count calories and weight food
  • Used to spend all day in the kitchen on Saturdays to prepare meals for the week- Took for ever!
  • Shopping cost $350 per week- crazy!
  • Injured my ITB so could not jog in the morning- Started doing stairs climbing instead in the gym in the afternoons- So instead of jogging 5 times per week each morning- So stairs 4 times a week at gym
how i refined my process1
How I refined my process
  • 2012
  • Stopped counting calories or weighing food- trust my body
  • Shopping cost dropped to $200 per weeks (That’s a saving of $150 per week!)because I have learnt to buy food at best value
  • Shopping time went from 1 hour in the supermarket to 20 minutes!
  • Instead of all day in the kitchen to prepare food- only spend 2 hours on Saturdays to prepare all meals! That’s only 2 hours spent in the kitchen all per week!
  • Stopped using scales- used clothes –Much better monitoting
  • Started implementing more variety in exercise- dance-pilates-rock climbing, more fun, beach volley!
  • No more stressing about food when I eat out!
  • No longer a perfectionist and love myself not because I am slim, but believe I am worthy
  • I am still looking for ways to refine my process
for you
For you…
  • It doesn’t have to take 7 years
  • I am giving you all the tools you need
the love inspire and nourish yourself slim program
The love Inspire and Nourish Yourself slim program
  • Is also something that I constantly refine
  • Used to be called the Healthy Confident and Sexy Mind and Body Mission
  • Used to have live classes instead of recorded ones but no one on one coaching session
  • The live classes use to go for 1 hour sometimes 1 hour and half
  • There were 8 of them
  • Have studied EFT since and did more research into epigenetics, neuroplasticity, psychology of eating , psychobiology of weight loss…
  • The program is now a lot more effective than ever before
ways in which you can create more leverage
Ways in which you can create more leverage
  • Do not stress out about what you are going to eat- go with what you feel like eating
  • When it comes to food and meals- keep it simple, make it tasty and delicious!
  • Usually recipe books have complicated recipes and the shopping cost will go through the roof (From my own experience)
  • If you dislike exercise in the morning- do it in the afternoons
  • If you find that you get lazy when you get home and do not want to go to the gym- go to the gym straight from work
  • Get into the habit of going to bed early and getting enough sleep
  • Cook the same thing for everybody in the family, no diet food for mum and normal food for hubby and the kids
  • Carry snacks with you everywhere
  • Keep learning, keep updated with new scientific evidence but do not let these overwhelm you when it comes to food choices