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REJ from Microsoft Chris Gibbs November 5 th , 2007 MBA 731 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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REJ from Microsoft Chris Gibbs November 5 th , 2007 MBA 731. What is REJ?. Microsoft Rapid Economic Justification (REJ) Guide Designed to look at ROI faster than a traditional ROI study Allows completion of the project assessment process in two to four weeks

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REJ from Microsoft

Chris Gibbs

November 5th, 2007

MBA 731

What is rej
What is REJ?

Microsoft Rapid Economic Justification (REJ) Guide

Designed to look at ROI faster than a traditional ROI study

Allows completion of the project assessment process in two to four weeks

Assists in planning by establishing benchmarks to identify which IT investments make sense

Helps focus on the business aspects of a vision, assisting in identifying the stakeholders, the key measurements of success, and the alignment of processes to be improved by mapping them to critical success factors

More than 2,000 REJ projects have been conducted by organizations around the world since 1997

Rej concepts
REJ Concepts

The REJ framework provides:

Process: Step-By-Step Approach

Tools and Content: REJ Workbook in Excel, ROI and TCO calculators; data, research papers, reusable evidence, documented patterns, etc.

Deliverables: Templates, courseware, videos.

Rej usage where and when
REJ Usage – Where and When

Environments where business conditions change rapidly

Traditional ROI cost or time prohibitive

“Pretty close” is sufficient accuracy

Lack of long term attention by stakeholders

Scenarios where there is no effective way to obtain the data needed to assess the benefits of a specific IT initiative

Rej trigger points
REJ Trigger Points

Fiscal year planning

Synchronization with line of business activities

Competing for best use of scarce resources

Emerging technology recognized

Transparency for relevance in portfolio

Lack of executive sponsorship

Rej project initialization
REJ Project Initialization

Planning an REJ project includes the following work:

Assess how the final financial decision will be made

Communicate with each potential stakeholder

Identify the desired structure of the final deliverable for all stakeholders

Set expectations for REJ project activities

Identify required resources

Plan the REJ kickoff meeting

Sample activity identify key performance indicators
Sample Activity: Identify Key Performance Indicators

Task 1: Identify the KPI that is essential for each stakeholder to achieve his or her mission.

Task 2: Identify KPIs that represent the current and desired states. Then conduct a gap analysis that identifies the order of magnitude of what the IT initiative must accomplish to meet the desired state.

Task 3: Verify that the IT initiative is aligned with selected stakeholders.

Sample activity identify key performance indicators1
Sample Activity: Identify Key Performance Indicators


Does the organization have a balance scorecard?

Does the stakeholder have a dashboard?

What is in the monthly or quarterly report that the stakeholder provides to the organization?

Does each specific KPI directly map to the appropriate CSF and stakeholder?

Is the KPI measurable?

Does the stakeholder have current-state benchmarks for each KPI?


The Business Assessment Roadmap with all KPI-related information filled in for each CSF.

Rej end result
REJ End Result

Economic Justification Report consisting of

Executive Summary

Gap Analysis

Proposed Solution

Benefits Analysis

Cash Flow Projections

Risk Assessment

Financial Ratios and Decision Making Point





Calculation methodologies

So why do we care
So, Why Do We Care?

Economic justification provides the answer to questions that executives need to know before they approve an investment, such as:

How much will it cost to reach those benefits?

Has anybody optimized this project from a ROI point of view?

How soon will the business sponsor see the effect on the business activities and processes?

How does this investment compare to other ways we can use our capital?

REJ helps IT managers identify targeted business benefits that justify the use of resources and the risks during change

Alternate approaches to rej
Alternate Approaches to REJ

Traditional ROI

REJ doesn't consider heavily the time value of money

REJ attempts to quantify issues difficult to account for in a ROI study, such as reduced time for developing marketing collateral and enabling better communications

Gartner’s Total Value of Opportunity (TVO)

Used to develop sophisticated ROI assessments

Links IT capabilities to business performance improvements

Assists in measuring the impact of IT projects

Establishes 36 metrics that best measure revenue gains, cost savings or other value generated


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