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Meet the Millennials

Meet the Millennials. Kameron Ball, Director Office of Educational Technology Mississippi Department of Education March 2, 2004. Students Today:. s Were born the same year the Challenger accident occurred. s Have never known a day without HIV/AIDS.

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Meet the Millennials

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  1. Meet the Millennials Kameron Ball, Director Office of Educational Technology Mississippi Department of Education March 2, 2004

  2. Students Today: sWere born the same year the Challenger accident occurred sHave never known a day without HIV/AIDS sThink bottle caps have always been screw off and plastic sHave always had answering machines, cable tv, and remote controls sKnow Ozzy Osborne as the star of a reality tv show sKnow Alabama, Kansas, & Chicago as places, not bands. sDon’t remember Johnny Carson as the host of The Tonight Show sHave always had weather reports available 24/7

  3. Who Are Today’s Students? sSizable: They represent 36% of the total U.S. population. As of 2000, almost 100 million children and youth were between 0 – 24 years old. sDiverse: 31% are minorities, which is more diverse than the adult population.1 sValue-oriented: 96% of students report that doing well in school is important in their lives.2 sInfluential: In 2003, teens spent $175 billion. 66% report influencing their parents purchases – large and small.3

  4. Grew Up with Technology sHave come of age along with the Internet sInformation has been universally available and free to them sCommunity is a digital space of common interest, not just a shared physical place. s64% of teens say they know more about technology than their parents, 66% of parents agree.4 sThese 12th graders were in the 2nd grade when the first school in MS connected every classroom to the Internet.

  5. Millennials Rising Written by Neil Howe and William Strauss “The first Millennials are entering college in September 2000. Starting very soon, parents and politicians will rivet public attention onto college students—just as they did with these same kids in every earlier age bracket, from the Babies-on-Board of the mid-‘80s, to the soccer-mommed kids of the early ’90, to the teens of the late ‘90s. Campuses will experience a new public spotlight on academic standards, student safety, wholesome community, vigorous political action—and national service.”5

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