advance care planning is there a future n.
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Advance Care Planning… is there a future? PowerPoint Presentation
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Advance Care Planning… is there a future?

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Advance Care Planning… is there a future? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advance Care Planning… is there a future?
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  1. Advance Care Planning… is there a future? Sandy Schellinger, RN MSN NP-C LifeCourse Co-Principle Investigator Allina Center for Healthcare Research & Innovation Respecting Choices First and Next Steps National Faculty Honoring Choices Minnesota July 19, 2012

  2. Causes of Death in Minnesota (117 people per day)“Unexpected” Deaths Heart Disease 23% Trauma 10% Other 20% Sudden Death 3% Diabetes 3% Cancer 24% Stroke 6% Acute Stroke 2% Lung Disease 9%

  3. Causes of Death in Minnesota“Expected Deaths” 100 people every day Heart Disease 23% Other 20% Diabetes 3% Cancer 24% Stroke 6% Lung Disease 9%

  4. The Future of ACP Depends on How we Address some Key Questions: • Will we adopt a common definition of ACP? • How will ACP be delivered in a consistent and reliable way to every person in need? • How will a written plan be created that is person-centered and individualized? • What is the role of leaders in creating and sustaining an ACP initiative? • How will research assist with dissemination of ACP?

  5. Defining ACP: Current World • ACP is interchanged with Advance Directives (Ads) • Focus is still on completing Ads despite evidence of their ineffectiveness • Selected proxies are unprepared • Written plans are vague or ambiguous; don’t guide clinical decision making

  6. Future World…. ACP is universally defined

  7. End of Life Care Dilemma

  8. Low Burden of illness High adaptation diagnosis TIME death

  9. Advance Care Planning… Is Not A “One Size Fits All” Discussion Must Be Individualized To Patient Readiness And Stage Of Health

  10. Low Burden of illness High adaptation diagnosis TIME death

  11. The Life Course of Advance Care Planning • Basic ACP group sessions • Basic HCD completion • ID Health care agent • Clarify goals values • Treatment wishes in • the face of neurological • injury DSACP session Facilitator, patient, proxy Individualized HCD 90 minute session Discuss goals of care & complication results in “bad” outcome. POLST: Provider Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment Hospice/LTC patients Medical order set with specific goals and wishes Function Adults any age who you would not be surprised they died in the next 6-12 months. Adults any age with progressive advanced illness complications Healthy adults age 65 Time

  12. Advance Care Planning Is a process of communication Separate and distinct activity from the creation of a written plan (e.g., advance directive) Is a service offered to individuals by qualified individuals

  13. The Goals of Advance Care Planning • To assist individuals to take control of their future healthcare decisions • To make informed decisions based on their current stage of health, goals, values (religious and cultural) and beliefs • To prepare substitute decision makers for a future decision making role • To communicate this plan to those who need to know • To provide care consistent with the plan

  14. The Future World The Delivery of a consistent and reliable ACP Service

  15. The Components of an ACP Service ACP conversations are standard routine care ACP is initiated by healthcare providers and others at appropriately staged ACP is individualized (person-centered) ACP is delivered by trained individuals ACP is delivered by a team people with varying roles and responsibilities.

  16. The Role of the ACP Facilitator: Current • Disagreement on who should be doing ACP • Lack of understanding on what the facilitation service should be • Lack of standards in delivering a consistent and reliable standard • Lack of time and reimbursement • Lack of standardized training

  17. The Emerging Role of the ACP Facilitator • A new healthcare role • Standardized training and certification • Roles and responsibilities defined • A care coordinator type of role • Part of a team • Reimbursed for services

  18. The Advance Directive Document: Current World • Focus on a legal form • Rigid reliance on contents of written document • Restrictive language • Format does not promote dialogue • Promotes false sense of security • May be a barrier for discussion • Evidence shows not effective

  19. The Future World Plans will be flexible

  20. AD Document: Future World Creation of less restrictive forms Plans will become more specific as people get sicker Plans will be accessible

  21. The Future World Leadership will sustain ACP initiatives

  22. Leadership Matters: Future World • Leaders integrate ACP into the strategic mission • “it may not be a good business model, but it’s the right thing to do”…CME/CEO • Dedicate resources to sustain an ACP program • Committed ongoing quality improvement

  23. Local Initiatives • RARE --- • Readmission reduction • ACO --- • Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations • Medical Home • Care Choice • PIP Grant

  24. Allina LifeCourse

  25. Kaiser Permanente of Northern California “Our goal is for Life Care planning to become a routine part of care within Kaiser Permanente Northern California, for all our adult members across the continuum of care”

  26. C-TAC: Coalition to Transform Advanced Care

  27. Agency for Integrated Care: Singapore

  28. Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care

  29. B.C. Alberta Ontario U.S.A. Canada                               Australia Singapore Germany Spain    

  30. Future World… Will you be the change to sustain a World-Wide Imperative?

  31. Questions? 612-262-1444