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Magic Tricks Revealed PowerPoint Presentation
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Magic Tricks Revealed

Magic Tricks Revealed

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Magic Tricks Revealed

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  1. Magic Tricks Revealed By: Deana Van Brocklin

  2. Money Cut in Half & Put back together! • First: Ask someone to take the two dollar bills you have. • Second: Cut them in half. • Third: Unfold each dollar. • Fourth: Show that they have been “magically” put back together.

  3. REVEALED • First: You take rubber glue and glue a strip the same size down the middle of the dollar bills. • Second: you put powder over the rubber glue to make it so it doesn’t seem sticky/stick together. • Third: You set the dollar bills on top of each other. Now when you cut down the middle you should be able to unfold each side if they line up perfectly and have it appear as if you’ve some how put them back together.

  4. How Does This Fool Our Senses? • We don’t see the dollar bills being glued together. • We truly believe that they are being cut in half. With no way ‘normal’ to put them back together. • Giving us an inaccurate perception of magic.

  5. Changing Outfit Trick! • A tube of fabric is lifted over a woman. • The tube is let down and she is in a different outfit. • She walks through a box • Comes out in a new outfit • A tube with a cut bottom is lifted over her. • It’s dropped and she’s in a new outfit. • A piece of fabric is rapped around her. • It’s unwrapped and she’s in another new outfit. • Confetti is dropped over her. • After it clears, she’s in a new outfit.

  6. REVEALED • The girl first prepares herself by butting all outfits on before she even gets on stage. • Each outfit is tucked and untucked in certain places to be later revealed. • At the very end she has her very last outfit BUT the very first outfit she put on. • During the times she is walking around the stage it is a distraction.

  7. How Does This Fool Our Senses? • Objects block our view. • They block our view from seeing how she changes. • She only changes when the objects are put up. • Giving us an inaccurate perception of magic by blocking our view. •

  8. Melting Card Trick! • There are two red cards • A blue card appears as if it’s melting between one of the blue cards.

  9. REVEALED • Before the trick is even started there is an extra card. • That extra card is cut in half. • Down the middle of that half it’s glued • After it’s glued it’s stuck the card after it matches up with it. • The blue card is slipped behind the cut in half card that isn’t fully glued to the other full card. • This gives us the inaccurate illusion of magic by not telling us there is a card cut in half in front of the full one. •

  10. How Does This Fool Our Senses? • Objects block our view • We don’t know that the cards have been messed with because they match up and seem normal. • This gives us an inaccurate perception of the blue card melting through the red one.

  11. Floating Person Trick! • First they are sitting in a chair. • They feel weightless. • Feels as if their being lifted from chair by index fingers. • Four people doing the “lifting” two on each side.

  12. REVEALED • The four people are putting pressure on the person sitting in the chair. • The person in the chair is now thinking “down”. • The four people now lift their hands. • They now place their hands on the person’s elbow and below the knee. • The person in the chair is now not feeling pressure. • They should now be thinking “up” but not really being lifted in the air.

  13. How Does This Fool Our Senses? • The pressure makes the person feel like they are heavier at first, automatically switching the feeling from what they felt before. • The switch from pressure to non pressure along with rearranging of the assistances hand’s gives the feeling of lightness. • This gives the person in the chair an inaccurate perception, as if they are floating.