introducing ap cu succeed biology n.
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Introducing AP/CU Succeed Biology

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Introducing AP/CU Succeed Biology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing AP/CU Succeed Biology. Instructor: Kristin Donley Office: B-107 Room: B-111. A P/CU Succeed Biology. College level course in a high school setting College level text College credit available for tuition savings Fundamental to expanding biological science knowledge

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introducing ap cu succeed biology

Introducing AP/CU Succeed Biology


Kristin Donley

Office: B-107

Room: B-111

a p cu succeed biology
A P/CU Succeed Biology
  • College level course in a high school setting
  • College level text
  • College credit available for tuition savings
  • Fundamental to expanding biological science knowledge
  • Experienced instructor (17 years + Research)
about mrs d
About Mrs. D
  • Education: CU Boulder- BA in MCDB and MA+ (Sec. Science Instruction and Biology); + over 30 hours….
  • Research Experience: Hazardous Waste/ Ecosystems TVA (Oak Ridge Nat’l Lab); Reverse Transcriptase/Protein Crystallization (CU Chem Eng./NASA); Cancer Genetics (Batelle Pacific Nat’l Lab); Bacteria and Renewable Energies (NREL and at CU Biochem); Nanotechnology (CU Physics/NIST); RNAi (currently-CU Bio)
  • CDC Science Advisor (2008)
  • Science Instructor for 17 years
  • Science Research Seminar Coordinator and Instructor (12 years)
  • Science Curriculum Coordinator (3 years)
  • Hobbies: reading, movies, music, technology (vodcasting, games, 3D, clickers…), scuba, volleyball, soccer, my son Ben
which students should take ap biology
Which students should take AP Biology?

Students who:

  • want to save on college tuition
  • want to get out of college early-finish reqs
  • will be majoring in a science field
  • will be entering a medical or health profession
  • Love Biology! 
weighted high school credit 5 0 for both classes
CU Credit (UCD)

Lecture: 3 hours per semester for $225

Laboratory: 1 hour per semester for $75

8 hours at CU worth $10,696 (2009)

Check your college for transfer ability

Caution: earn a C- or higher

Credit through AP exam (usually 4 & 5)

Exam: May

Multiple Choice & Free Response

Cost: about $86

Scoring: 1- 5 (high) with 3 being passing

Check your college for grade needed

Weighted High School Credit (5.0 for both classes)
preparing for ap test
Preparing for AP test
  • Attend review sessions…you won’t do well if you don’t
  • Make it a priority…if you are too involved with other activities, you won’t score well
  • Use Resources wisely and start studying on day 1!
  • Buy a study guide!
  • The test covers a broad range of material which can’t ALL be covered in class! (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cytology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Evolution, Ecology, Anatomy and Physiology (human and comparative), Taxonomy, Zoology and Marine Biology, Botany)
  • According to past two years data, only 40% passed with a 3,4, or 5 out of over 160,000 exams given…I have had around a 70% pass rate
mc prep
MC Prep
  • Use Study Guide (s)
    • Store bought and on-line textbook
  • Use past tests
  • Use on-line practice tests from both textbook and AP college Board past tests
  • In class clicker Qs
  • Use link on Mrs. Ds web site… Mr. Thomas’ study tips for mc
free response ap test prep
Free Response (AP test Prep)
  • A question that checks for understanding of important ideas by requiring a written response accompanied by illustrations.
  • Strives to be complete with definitions and explanations that provide full support of relationships.
  • Learn to be specific! (Vocab, Define, examples in context)
  • Guide to help write a Free Response is available.
  • Practice Questions on class web site (Georgia), Textbook web site, & AP College Board
get organized
Get Organized !
  • Use the web site!

Keep track of assigned calendar dates!

keep track of calendar dates
Keep track of calendar dates.

Sept. 6


No Classes

Sept 17

Staff Development Day

Keep track of holidays & special schedules.

Stay aware of UCD deadlines!

Registration, grades and transcripts can be requested directly online through UCD.

ap cu succeed biology tests
AP/CU Succeed Biology Tests

Friday Aug. 27th!

Quiz #1: Basic Chemistry Ch1-3

Check Class Calendar for Assignments and Due Dates!

Tests are 40% of grade; Lab 30%; Homework 10%; Final Exam is worth 20% of grade!

labs activities
Labs & Activities

The Class Labs and Formative work (30% of overall grade) will count for UCD lab credit (1 hour).

Aug. 30th-

Lab #1: Identification of Macromolecules; Guided Inquiry

All other assignments will count as UCD lecture credit (3 hours).

lab reports
Lab Reports
  • Lab report format on web site!
  • Report form varies depending on the lab
  • Data may be collected by groups, but reports must be done INDIVIDUALLY unless otherwise indicated
  • AP test: Includes a Lab Based Free Response
  • Point value: see rubric on grading scale
reading outlining

Be sure to come in for help!

First Unit: Chapters 1-5 (Little time spent on Ch 1-3)

Study Guide ($20); use Campbell web site

Keep up on reading; do study guides and vocab. lists; on-line activities/quizzes!

Use on-line and CD-ROM resources!

terms concepts outlines
Terms & Concepts & Outlines
  • List of important terms & concepts to be mastered for success on AP Exam & Tests
  • Study Guide Book helps!
  • Are time consuming, so they can be completed in study groups!
  • Are submitted via email to the teacher and other members of the study group. Some outlines are posted on class web site!
study tips
Study Tips
  • Skim, Question, Read, (W)rite, Review (SQ3R); Cornell Notes; Outlines on class web site!
  • Study Resources:
keep track of your grades
Keep track of your grades.

Grades are posted on-line!

We are using Infinite Campus… Logins/Passwords are given out in main office! If you forget…see me or Mr. Lowe.

become techno savvy
Become techno savvy!
  • Use Email, Class website, text website, discussion board, 3D, Clickers
  • Multiple Choice of Unit Tests are on-line!
  • The website/CD that comes with your text is outstanding!
  • Register for UCD college credit online!
  • All that you need is on the AP/CU Biology Web page!
  • Study Guides-Import graphics to jazz up those Terms & Concepts!
  • Collect, record, & graph data with Word & Excel!
  • Links to some outrageous, helpful, and fun science websites!
  • Get a Study Group going….
  • Attend review sessions and tutor times and make apts. w/ Mrs. D