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INTERNATIONALized Domain Names Testbed

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INTERNATIONALized Domain Names Testbed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INTERNATIONALized Domain Names Testbed. An Overview On VeriSign Global Registry Services. Purpose of the Testbed. Create a working environment for testing Internationalized Domain Names in the Domain Name System (DNS).

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INTERNATIONALized Domain Names Testbed

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    1. INTERNATIONALizedDomain Names Testbed An Overview On VeriSign Global Registry Services

    2. Purpose of the Testbed • Create a working environment for testing Internationalized Domain Names in the Domain Name System (DNS) • Provide operational experience with current IETF proposals for Internationalized Domain Names

    3. VeriSign is committed to… Testbed Guiding Principles IETF – based standards The ICANN framework The IAB “single root” structure

    4. NamePrep draft-ietf-idn-nameprep-03.txt AMCE-ACE-Z draft-ietf-idn-amc-ace-z-01.txt IDN Testbed • The Testbed allows Internationalized Domain Names in com, net and org to be registered. - e.g., اوتيل.com …which means • The technology used in the testbed is based on the IETF standards for IDN.

    5. Participation • All ICANNcom/net/org accredited registrars are currently eligible. • Successful completion of an Operational Test and Evaluation(OT&E) certification process is required. • Thirty-five (35) registrars have certified • Twenty-six (26) registrars have registered an IDN in the last sixty days

    6. OT & E Certified •  35 have passed the International OT&E certification. CA DK AU JP SE US KR ES DE UK FR CN

    7. 17 OCT 00 - STAGE 1: Certification & Preparation of Registrars 10 NOV 00 - STAGE 2: Internationalized Domain Name Registration 15 JAN 01 - STAGE 3: Internationalized Domain Name Resolution Staged Deployment • To ensure the continued stability of the Domain Name System (DNS), VeriSign is employing a staged approach to its testbed.

    8. Phase 3.1 • 15 JAN 01 Phase 3.2 Phase 3.3 Publication of ACE in gTLD constellation • No External Delegation External Delegation 2nd level 3rd Level 3rd Level اوتيل.com اوتيل Resolution Phases Resolution (Stage 3) of the Testbed is being conducted in three phases:

    9. Testbed Status 10 Nov 00 Start of Internationalized Domain Name Registrations - Introduction of Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK) scripts 26 Feb 01 Introduction of additional scripts:Extended Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, and Georgian which includes letters with diacritical marks, such as é, ç and ä 05 April 01 Introduction of remaining scripts supported by UNICODE, including Arabic scripts

    10. Testbed Status 2 May 01 Resolution Phase 3.2 Begins – End-users can reach internationalized web-sites using IDN 20 Jun 01 RealNames Resolution – IDNs leverage RealNames as a bridging technology to improve end-user experience Move to new ACE – mid-Jan 02 Move to Resolution Phase 3.3 – Z representation of IDN placed in the com/net/org zones

    11. Testbed Status Q1 02 ACE RFC – Expect an RFC for AMC-ACE-Z to be published Introduce new name prep draft - 06 Q2 02 AMC-ACE-Z Certification – Begin certification of qualified registrars for registration of AMC-ACE-Z Q3 02 AMC-ACE-Z Registration – Migrate all certified registrars from RACE representation of IDN to AMC-ACE-Z

    12. Key Points for REGISTRANTS • REGISTRANTS are participating in a Testbed, which is subject to change. • The uniqueness of a domain name registration in the testbed is determined by its Unicode representation. • Different Unicode characters require separate registrations. Example: and olé.com are separate and distinct registrations • VeriSign GRS processes IDN transactions through the Shared Registration System in the same first-come/first-served manner as with all registrations of com/net/org.

    13. Key Points for REGISTRANTS • The IETF has not finalized the International standards. Future revisions to the Internet draft documents could cause: • A Registrant’s domain name registration to become invalid and be deleted • Modification to the VeriSign GRS Registry’s internal representation of the domain name to comply with revisions to the Internet draft documents. • Such occurrences will be resolved on a case-by-case basis, as they occur.