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Things to do While Running Business from Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to do While Running Business from Home

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Things to do While Running Business from Home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For some, new companies and also private companies, other than operational rate, the realty cost ends up being a prime obstacle to expected development. In this way, various independent ventures are on occasion keep running from lodging zones. Click here for the details…

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ThingstodoWhileRunningBusiness fromHome

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For many start-ups as well as small businesses, other than operational rate, the realty cost proves to be a prime impediment to intended growth. So, numerous small businesses are at times run from housing areas. Advocates, consultants, doctors, etc., run their work from homes. While converting homes premise into an office space can help one to save the real estate cost, there are many other permissions as well as expenses that one requires while doingso.

What does commercialmean?

Legally, advocates, consultants, and doctors can run the business from theirhomes.

In any case, filed under the Karnataka Shops and commercial establishment Act, 1961, the court has specified clearly that home offices run by lawyers, doctors, and chartered accountants, will certainly not be considered as the commercial activity as work involves intellectual exercise and not the physical labor. Running tuition classes or yoga classes from home will not be called as a commercial activity as being services by the professionals will not be counted in the purchase and salegoods.

However, there is the difference between running the office from housing premise as well as running a commercial business from your house. The mentioned practice of running an office space from home is hugely accepted in various parts of the country. In Mumbai, an area of 220 square feet in a housing apartment can be used for commercial activities. Also, this set-up has become popular in Delhi, owing to increase in the practice of intellectual professions- for instance, lawyers, doctors, tuition centers,etc.

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