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Power Affiliates Program Highlights

Power Affiliates Program Highlights. Pete Sauer. 2013 Affiliates. Ameren G&W Electric Bitrode MidAmerican CWLP PowerWorld Continental Automotive S&C Electric EMCWA Sargent & Lundy Exelon SolarBridge Flanders Electric . Finances. Income

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Power Affiliates Program Highlights

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  1. Power Affiliates ProgramHighlights Pete Sauer

  2. 2013 Affiliates Ameren G&W Electric Bitrode MidAmerican CWLP PowerWorld Continental Automotive S&C Electric EMCWA Sargent & Lundy Exelon SolarBridge Flanders Electric

  3. Finances Income Income carried over from the calendar year 2011 $72,784 Total income during calendar year 2012$61,163 Total available income during calendar year 2012 $133,947 Expenditures Personnel and Services $25,663 Materials/Supplies/Equipment $10,135 Transportation/Travel $ 757 Total expenditures $36,555 Balance as of December 31, 2012 Funds carried over into calendar year 2013 $97,392

  4. Biomedical Imaging, Bioengineering and Acoustics Circuits and Signal Processing Communications and Control Computer Engineering Electromagnetics, Optics and Remote Sensing Microelectronics and Photonics Nanotechnology Power and Energy Systems Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  5. Power Systems Power Electronics Machines Power and Energy Systems Area • Analysis • Design • Modeling • Simulation • Economics • Optimization • Reliability • Testing • Tech transfer • Teaching • Research • Service

  6. A. Dominguez-Garcia (Reliability Theory and Control of Power Systems and Power Electronics) G. Gross (System Economics, Planning and Regulatory Policy) K. Colravy (Laboratory and Area Support) P. T. Krein (Power Electronics, Machines, Distributed Energy) T. J. Overbye (Power System Analysis, Simulation and Visualization) M. A. Pai (Dynamics, Stability and Computational Methods) R. C. N. Pilawa-Podgurski (Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Integrated Circuits) P. W. Sauer (Power System Dynamic Modeling and Simulation) 50 graduate students About 60 B.S. graduates in power and energy area each year Power and Energy Systems Area

  7. ECE 307 Techniques for Engineering Decisions ECE 330 Power Circuits and Electromechanics ECE 333 Green Electric Energy ECE 431 Electric Machinery ECE 432 Advanced Electric Machinery ECE 464 Power Electronics ECE 469 Power Electronics Laboratory ECE 476 Power System Analysis ENG 491 Special Topics - Solar Decathlon Courses

  8. ECE 530 Analysis Techniques for Large-Scale Systems ECE 568 Modeling and Control of Electromechanics ECE 573 Power Systems Operation and Control ECE 576 Power System Dynamics and Stability ECE 588 Electricity Resource Planning ECE 590 Power and Energy Systems Area Seminar ECE 598 Special Topics: - Power Electronic Drives and Systems - Hybrid Systems Analysis of System Dynamics - Issues in Competitive Electricity Markets - Advanced Topics in Power Electronics - Dynamic System Reliability Courses

  9. 1950-1970 Annual Ave 1970-1980 Annual Ave B.S.E.E. 25 B.S.E.E. 44 M.S.E.E. 3 M.S.E.E. 7 1980-1990 Annual Ave 1990-2000 Annual Ave B.S.E.E. 32 B.S.E.E. 37 M.S.E.E. 5 M.S.E.E. 7 Ph.D. 2 Ph.D. 2 2000-2010 Annual Ave 2010-2013 Annual Ave B.S.E.E. 45 B.S.E.E. 58 M.S.E.E. 9 M.S.E.E. 12 Ph.D. 4 Ph.D. 6 POWER AND ENERGY SYSTEM AREA GRADUATES

  10. Extensive research facilities Unique instructional labs Infrastructure

  11. ACTIVITIESWorkshops (Attending and hosting) Review Panels CIGRE Meetings IEEE Organizational MeetingsPSERC IAB and EC meetings NSF, DOD, DOE, GCEP project meetings Solar Decathlon meetings

  12. IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conf. IEEE Industrial Applications Society Meetings International Electric Machines and Drives Conf.Applied Power Electronics Conf. IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting Power System Computational Conference

  13. Engineering Open House – 1,000 visitorsECE 431 class tripEMCWA - Conference and ExpositionNorth American Power Symposium (+ students)Presented 15-20 internal seminars on campusHosted 15-20 guest speakers for seminars on campus

  14. Funding by other sources(The Power Affiliates Program funding was leveraged more than 25 to 1) • Grainger Endowments • PSERC • National Science Foundation • U. S. Department of Energy • U. S. Department of Homeland Security • U. S. Office of Naval Research • Stanford University

  15. Arizona State Cornell Illinois Georgia Tech Wisconsin Iowa State Berkeley Texas A&M Washington State Howard Carnegie Mellon Wichita St. Colorado School of Mines POWER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING RESEARCH CENTER BEGAN AS A NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (NSF) INDUSTRY/UNIVERSTIY COOPERATIVE RESEARCH CENTER (I/UCRC)

  16. ABB ALSTOM Grid American Electric Power American Transmission Company Arizona Public Service Bonneville Power Administration British Columbia Hydro California ISO CenterPoint Energy Duke Energy Entergy EPRI Exelon PSERC companies

  17. First Energy GE Energy Institut de Recherched'Hydro-Quebec (IREQ) ITC Holdings ISO - New England Lawrence Livermore National Lab Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) National Rural Electric Coop Association (NRECA) New York ISO (NYISO) New York Power Authority (NYPA) PSERC companies

  18. Pacific Gas and Electric PJM Interconnection PowerWorld Corp. RTE-France Salt River Project San Diego Gas and Electric Southern California Edison Southern Company Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Tri-State Generation and Transmission U.S. Department of Energy Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) PSERC companies

  19. Markets T&D Technologies Systems www.pserc.wisc.edu Research Stem Areas

  20. Wide-area power system visualization Integration of pluggable hybridelectric vehicles into the electric grid Application of PMU data to increasesituational awareness The power grid and climate change (we are also participating on a NERC task force on climate change) Example Illinois Power System Projects:

  21. Example Illinois Power System Projects: • Improved transient stability design • Distribution system optimization • Trustworthy cyber infrastructure for the power grid including theSmart Grid • Enhanced integration of wind energy into the power grid (with an NSF ERC in preparation) • Better methods of long-range powersystem planning

  22. DOE - $5M line item Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Electric Power Group PSERC Sandia, Oak Ridge National Labs Pacific Northwest National Lab Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS)

  23. Reliability Technology Issues Real -Time System Control Reliability and Markets CERTS is a research provider to DOE in the area of power system reliability.

  24. Electric energy challenges Control and protection Renewable integration and impact of CO2 reg. Workforce development Computational challenges Engineering resilient cyber-physical systems Broader analysis – information and operating standards The Future Grid to Enable Sustainable Energy Systems – DOE - $6M over 3 years

  25. Extension of the NSF TCIP project $19 M over 5 years from DOE and DHS 4 universities, 20 senior investigators University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (14) Washington State University (3) Cal-Davis (1) and Cornell (1) Dartmouth University (1) Industry Interaction Board (300) Director is Professor Bill Sanders at UIUC http://tcipg.org/ Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG)

  26. Four Technical Areas Wide-area monitoring and control Local area management, monitoring and Control Responding to and managing cyber events Risk and security assessment Three cross-cutting areas • Test bed – simulation and hardware • Industry interaction and technology transfer • Education and workforce development

  27. Grainger Center for Electric Machinery and Electromechanics

  28. The Grainger CEME The Grainger Center for Electric Machine and Electromechanics (CEME) supports design and technology advances inelectric machines, and advanced energy work. This University of Illinois program is the largestendowment of its type. Significant fund leveraging. Collaborations with materials science, control,electromagnetics, chemical engineering, … The Grainger CEME leads a national collaborativenetwork for machines research: Berkeley Georgia Tech MIT Oregon State Ohio State Purdue Wisconsin

  29. Highlights Machine design and system interfaces. Distributed generation andcontrols for dispersed energy. Future-oriented energyconversion efforts – disruptive energy innovations and studentprojects on energy. High-performance power conversion.

  30. Advanced Power Devices Collaborating with material scientists for power-on-chip integrated circuits High performance gallium-nitride based semiconductors Miniaturized filter components Metal

  31. System-Level Machine Applications Machines with integrated magnetics. Machines for reciprocating generation.

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