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I v y + B e a n. By : Mollie J. The characters are ……. Ivy Bean Beans sister Beans Mom Ivy’s Mom. Every thing happened on Bean and Ivy’s street because it was in a circle shape. B e g i n n i n g.

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I v y b e a n



Mollie J.

The characters are

The characters are……



Beans sister

Beans Mom

Ivy’s Mom

B e g i n n i n g

B was in a circle shape.eginning

In the beginning, Bean was in her front yard in a bush waiting for her sister to get home from school. She put a piece of money tied to a string and was holding the other end. Then she looked out from the bush and saw the new girl, Ivy, across the street. The girl was wearing a witch cape and a bath towel wrapped around her head with ballet flats on. Bean said, “What is she wearing and why is she wearing all black?”

M i d d l e

M was in a circle shape.iddle

Soon after her sister came home. When her sister walked by she did not see the money. She walked right past and went

into the house. Then Bean got bored so she walked over to the new girl, Ivy’s house. Bean said, “ Hi my name is Bean! What is yours?” Ivy answered back, “My name is Ivy, nice to meet you.”

“Do you want to play today?” “Yes I will,” said Bean. While the girls were playing, Bean started complaining about her mean sister. Ivy helped her by making a magic potion.

E n d

E was in a circle shape.nd

The potion caused Bean’s sister to dance around in circles for 30 minutes! Then the girls ran to Bean’s tree fort and hid inside. Both Moms came out yelling, “Bean and Ivy what did you do?” Bean told her mom that her sister was not being nice. The moms had a serious talk with Bean and Ivy about being nice and not playing tricks on other people.

My opinion slide

My Opinion slide was in a circle shape.

I thought the book was very great. It was very funny and cute. It was one of the best books I ever read.

The end

THE END was in a circle shape.

Hope you enjoyed my slide show.