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CCO ’ s first college and university exhibition has yielded fruitful results and managed to attain its goals while maintaining high proficiency and participant satisfaction.

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  • CCO’s first college and university exhibition has yielded fruitful results and managed to attain its goals while maintaining high proficiency and participant satisfaction.

We welcomed 38 universities from different parts of the world, and hosted Canada’s 2011 University and College Exhibition with the participation of 16 Canadian Universities and Colleges that represent some of the best of the Canadian educational system.

Students and parents had the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with university and college representatives to ask all their questions about the respective educational institution, its programs, estimated budget, and understand visa and residency requirements.

Effective marketing media tools
Effective Marketing Media Tools world, and hosted Canada

  • Several media tools were used to promote the exhibition and ensure we reach our targeted audience.

  • Our targeted audience was of students aging 16 – 24 years old and their parents.

Newspaper ads
Newspaper Ads world, and hosted Canada

  • A detailed ad about CCO’s exhibition was published in two of Jordan’s most popular newspapers: Al Rai ( and Al Ghad (

  • The ad was published in Al Rai on October 5th and 9th (page 58) and in Al Ghad on October 6th, 7th (sports-page B2) and 8th (sports-page B2).

  • Size of the ad was (11.7 cm x 15 cm).

Al Rai Newspaper world, and hosted Canada

Al Ghad Newspaper world, and hosted Canada

Radio commercials
Radio Commercials world, and hosted Canada

  • For 5 days, 16 spots (per day) from October 2nd to 9th (excluding the 7th) promoted the exhibition on Fann FM ( radio station during the very popular “Sabaho” morning show with Daisy Reeh.

  • Fann FM covered the first day of the exhibition live from 6-7 pm. Further, interviews with CCO’s team, participants, and attendees were carried twice on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

E marketing
E- Marketing world, and hosted Canada

  • 5 email shots with a total of 600 000 emails were addressed to professionals, students, and businesses.

SMS world, and hosted Canada

  • 50 000 text messages were sent twice prior to the start of the exhibition on October 6th and 8th targeting 50 000 youngsters and parents.

  • The text of the SMS was as follows:

    “Meet University Reps from Canada, USA, UK, Holland, Switzerland,S pain, Italy, UAE, Qatar, Leb & Jordan Sat/Sun 8- 9Oct from 4-8pm @Grand Hyatt. Under/post grad-0779555200.”

Flyers world, and hosted Canada

  • 1 000 flyers were distributed in all areas of Amman.

Booklets world, and hosted Canada

  • 2 000 booklets that included the profiles of all participating colleges and universities were printed and handed out to attendees.

Street signs
Street Signs world, and hosted Canada

10 street signs were erected in Amman’s busiest streets.

Street signs1
Street Signs world, and hosted Canada

Street signs2
Street Signs world, and hosted Canada

Social media
Social Media world, and hosted Canada

  • A special page was created on Facebook & Twitter to invite as many people as possible to the exhibition.

Website world, and hosted Canada

  • CCO’s website was used to promote this exhibition and future events.

Posters world, and hosted Canada

  • 200 posters were printed and distributed to different local school and universities in Amman.

Magazines world, and hosted Canada

  • CCO invited the most popular local magazines to cover the event. Among those were Layalina, Home, Living Well, and Sharqiat Magazines.

School counselors
School Counselors world, and hosted Canada

  • CCO invited 12 school counselors to the exhibition and a dinner with university and college representatives and the event coordinators.

Feedback forms
Feedback forms world, and hosted Canada

  • Feedback forms were distributed to all participants. Representatives were asked to evaluate the event and answer questions based on a scale from 1- 5, while 5 stands for “excellent” and 1 for “very poor.”

  • The overall rating of the event was 4.3/5. It showed that most representatives were extremely satisfied and impressed by our supreme services.

  • With such intensive media coverage and a number of attendees exceeding 1 3001 in 2 days, CCO celebrates the success of its first college and university exhibition and is currently preparing for its next events.

  • The majority of attendees were sincere about pursuing their education; hence universities believe they have reached a large number of potential students within the 2 days.

  • CCO is always looking forward to narrowing the gap between local students and foreign universities and becoming the leading office in the region.

    1 For families attending, only one member of the family was required to register.

The upcoming fair
The Upcoming Fair exceeding 1 300

  • After the great success we have achieved in our first exhibition, and given the positive feedback and satisfaction that both representatives of universities and attendees have demonstrated, we are currently preparing for our next event.

  • Our next fair will be held on February 11 & 12, 2012 at The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Amman, and will be for 2 days. We are targeting 40 universities from different parts of the world and will be focusing on undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Pictures from cco s university and college exhibition october 2011
Pictures from CCO exceeding 1 300’s University and College Exhibition - October 2011