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Dr. Michael Adewumi

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Dr. Michael Adewumi Pennsylvania State University, “The Alliance for Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Development in Africa (AESEDA): A U.S.-Africa Partnership”. How AESEDA came about. Dean of Earth and Mineral Science (EMS), took inventory of faculty projects, activities and interests

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Dr. Michael Adewumi

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Dr. Michael Adewumi

Pennsylvania State University, “The Alliance for Earth Sciences, Engineering, and Development in Africa (AESEDA): A U.S.-Africa Partnership”

how aeseda came about
How AESEDA came about
  • Dean of Earth and Mineral Science (EMS), took inventory of faculty projects, activities and interests
  • Found many projects, proposals, and activities involved Africa
  • No integration or cohesiveness among faculty & these projects
  • A vision for integrated focus on Africa across the College emerged … AESEDA

AESEDA Mission

Promote integration of physical sciences, engineering, and social sciences to develop human resources, promote economic vitality and enable stewardship of georesources in Africa.


Implementation Strategy:Georesourcesfor sustainable livelihoods

Sustainable livelihoods

  • Human capacity
  • Economic opportunities
  • Clean Environment
  • Clean Water
  • Food security
  • Health/Safety issues


  • Water
  • Energy
  • Minerals
development frameworks
Development Frameworks
  • 1970s: Basic Needs
  • 1980s: Structural Adjustments
  • 1990s: Poverty Reduction
  • New Decade: Georesources Management for development –integration of science with public policy for sustainable livelihoods [AESEDA]
strategic initiatives
Strategic Initiatives
  • Promote new Research Programs
  • Develop new Educational Programs
  • Hire Faculty with Expertise in Georesources and Sustainable Development in Africa
  • Build Meaningful Partnerships with African Universities and Institutions
  • Build Meaningful partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
  • Strengthen our Mutual Communication Infrastructure to Support Collaboration
Memorandum of Understanding USA-HBCU

Howard University

MCID – Mississippi Consortium for International Development

Alcorn State U.

Miss. Valley State U.

Jackson State U.

Tougaloo College

Fort Valley State University

Lincoln University

North Carolina A&T University

Tuskegee University


Memorandum of Understanding Africa


University of Ibadan

University of Lagos

South Africa

University of the Witwatersrand

University of Cape Town

Agreement of Accession (AOA)


Agostinho Neto University

stakeholder organizations

UNCF, Special Projects

The World Bank

FirstVoice International


Nigerian Academy of Science

Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy – SEMAA

Universities Space Research Association – USRA





Government Agencies


Global Development Alliance – GDA (USA)

Ministry of Agriculture (Nigeria)

Ministry of Mines (Mali)

Ministry of Solid Minerals (Nigeria)

National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure – NASENI (Nigeria)

NUC (Nigeria)


United States Geological Survey – USGS (USA)

Stakeholder Organizations
aeseda inaugural symposium
AESEDA Inaugural Symposium

“Georesources Management: Human Capacity Development and Sustainable Livelihoods”

200 attendees from 9 countries

Industry representatives: (ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, Marathon, Schlumberger, Shell, Dow Chemical)

17 Academic Institutions

Development Agencies & Foundations

Government Delegates

example nigerian government
Example: Nigerian Government

“AESEDA … is blazing a new trail in the interactions between the United States of America and Africa.”

- Chief Ufot J. Ekaette

SGF, Nigeria

partners strong commitment
Partners’ strong commitment

International Partnerships

  • University of Ibadan - new building to house AESEDA
  • University of Lagos – renovating offices to house AESEDA
  • Shell Petroleum Development Co. – co-funded Ibadan effort
  • Schlumberger – donated the Schlumberger Learning Center
  • Schlumberger – committed $3.5 million in equipment and personnel to partner with AESEDA at Agostinho Neto University
  • MacArthur Foundation –to equip SLB/UI Center with i-access
  • Council of Geosciences (RSA) –in-kind support for AfricaArray
strong university commitment
Strong University Commitment
  • New permanent tenure-track faculty lines
    • Paul Desanker (Geography/AESEDA)
    • Ikubolajeh Logan (AAAS/Geography/AESEDA)
    • Petra Tschakert (Geography/AESEDA)
    • Anne Thompson (Meteorology/AESEDA)
    • Commitment for 2-3 additional faculty members
  • Top University strategic initiative
    • Presidential attention for private development
aeseda r e projects
AESEDA R&E Projects
  • AfricaArray
  • Ethiopian Initiative on Geothermal Energy
  • Niger Delta Initiative
  • Medical Georesources Initiative
  • Southern Africa Climate Change
  • Sustainable Mining Initiative
aeseda education programs
AESEDA Education Programs

Degree Programs

  • Science, Society and the Environment in Africa (Minor Degree)
  • Georesources Engineering Management (Professional MS)

Courses Developed

  • Labor in the Global Economy (Work and Industrial Relations)
  • Environmental Justice in South Africa
  • Environments of Africa: Geology and Climate Change
  • African Diamonds – a Continent in Conflict

Course Sharing and Export

  • Electronic delivery
  • Semi-asynchronous learning across continents
aeseda capacity building
AESEDA Capacity Building


  • Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences at Agostinho Neto University
  • Georesources Engineering Management at U. Ibadan
  • Natural Gas Engineering at U. Lagos
  • Curricula/Capacity Assessment Project
  • Geophysics at Univ. of the Witwatersrand
  • Climate & Energy Studies Program at UCT
  • Geosciences at Jackson State University


South Africa


example 1 africaarray
Example #1: AfricaArray
  • PIs: Profs Andy Nyblade (PSU) & Paul Dirks (Wits). Initial focus are to:
  • Maintain and enhance Geophysical programs in Africa
  • Promote geophysical research in Africa
  • Obtain geophysical data, through a network of shared observatories
  • Public-private funding including NSF
example 2 gem degree
Example #2: GEM Degree
  • Georesources Engineering Management
  • MS degree incorporating:
    • Technical, managerial, entrepreneurial courses
    • Social and environmental management courses
  • Initial partners: PSU, UI, Unilag, Mali
  • Designed for
    • Georesources personnel with interest in Africa
    • NGO personnel seeking greater technical skills
  • Approval expected in 2005
example 3 domestic programs
Example # 3: Domestic Programs
  • Program Development/Enhancement
    • Geosciences Program at JSU
  • Pathway for Diversity Enhancement
    • Pre-College research Programs (MLK)
    • 3-2 Programs w/ Lincoln and NC A&T
    • SROP to encourage graduate enrolment
    • SECME/AESEDA Partnership programs
encouraging indicators
Encouraging indicators
  • Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) AESEDA sponsored three SROP students in Summer 2004
    • Erica J. Campbell, Tuskegee University, “Evolution of Mafic Lava from the Main Ethiopian Rift,”Mentor: Dr. Tanya Furman
    • Damon Stevenson, Tougaloo College, “The Potential of the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline Project to Promote Sustainable Economic Development,” Mentor: Dr. Adam Rose
    • Rafael R. Diaz Torres, University of Puerto Rico, “Displacement & Land Use Change from a Residential Trailer Park to a Commercial Complex, State College, PA,” Mentor: Dr. Amy Glasmeier
  • 1 MS (Mining) + 1 MS (Meteo) + 1 PhD (Geog) enrolled
  • SEEMS – Upward Bound Science and Math ProgramAESEDA sponsored 2 SEEMS students from Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Philadelphia in Summer 2004
support of nsf is acknowledged
Support of NSF is Acknowledged
  • NSF’s support is crucial to recorded success
    • Inaugural symposium
    • Diversity enhancement programs in Geosciences
    • AfricaArray
    • Stakeholders workshop on Niger Delta
  • NSF’s overlapping interest with AESEDA
    • Scientific research and discovery
    • Mentoring of young researchers
    • Capacity building in the US
    • Integration of teaching and research
for further information
For Further Information:

AESEDA Penn State Office

221 Walker Building Phone: 814-863-7598

University Park, PA 16802 Fax: 814-863-3518


AESEDA Administration at Penn State

Director: Prof. Michael Adewumi

Associate Director for Education: Prof. Tanya Furman

Associate Director for Research: Prof. Paul Desanker

Research Associate: Myron McClure

Administrative Assistant: Lisa Skripek