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Winter Awareness PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter Awareness

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Winter Awareness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Winter Awareness
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  1. Winter Awareness A presentation brought to you by the Colowyo Mine Wide Health & Safety Team

  2. Winter’s coming, are you ready?

  3. Snowflakes don’t break their arms when they fall. A Safe Day Every Day Our Goal is . . Winter is here. Watch your footing and move carefully.

  4. A Safe Day Every Day Our Goal is . . Snowflakes don’t break their hips when they fall. Winter is here. Watch your footing and move carefully.

  5. A Safe Day Every Day Our Goal is . . Cold can hurt your hands, too. Frostbite isn’t funny. Protect your hands from the cold.

  6. Are you dressed correctly for the weather?

  7. Intersections! Are you going slow enough to prevent sliding?

  8. MUD EVERYWHERE! Rear tires under bed Front tire When doing a walk around are you watching for falling mud/ice/snow?

  9. Are you going to slip?

  10. Winter Health and Safety • This Information is brought to you in care of the Electric shop • Tips to keep you warm • Dress in layers • Keep a spare set of gloves to wear, you can wear them while your first set dries • Wear Rubber boots but be careful they can be slippery

  11. Winter Health and Safety • Drink plenty of warm liquids—dehydration can happen when its cold too • Wear hard hat liners to keep your head covered (most of your body heat is lost through your head) • Keep a spare pair of socks in case the pair you’re wearing gets wet • Limit exposure to cold temperatures

  12. Winter Hazards Little things like these………

  13. Winter Hazards And these……………

  14. Winter Hazards Help prevent slips, trips and falls in traffic areas, poor drainage areas ……….

  15. Winter Hazards Non covered and covered entry ways……..

  16. Winter Hazards And designated walkways.

  17. Winter Hazards Walks Winter Tips Keep yourself and your clothes Clean Avoid Overheating Wear clothes loose and in Layers Keep Dry

  18. These pictures were taken near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada in the early morning of January 31, 2005.