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Presents. Brand‘ X ’cuseMe. Personal Details. Team Name Contact No: College Name Individual Name Email Id. Amity. 09452526872. IIM Lucknow. Amit Shukla. Situation 1: A policeman catches you red handed peeing on the road side

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    1. Presents Brand‘X’cuseMe

    2. Personal Details • Team Name • Contact No: • College Name • Individual Name • Email Id Amity 09452526872 IIM Lucknow Amit Shukla

    3. Situation 1:A policeman catches you red handed peeing on the roadside Excuse: ” Sir actually I came to know that there is an ongoing shortage of fertilizers. So being a concerned citizen, I was supplying trees with free urea” Situation2:You gave a love letter to the wrong girl and you are in custody of her boyfriend. Excuse: Dear Big B ! This was just a gimmick….I am a VJ from MTV and you are on camera which is hidden inside the opposite shrubs. Now your next task is to find it and you could win all paid trip to Mauritius with your girlfriend. Your time starts now……” Situation 3: You are a washer man (dhobi) and you’ve been caught by your customer, when you were roaming around wearing his clothes. Excuse: “Dear Sir, I can reveal to you that this is our USP. And we take a lot of pain. We dry clothes from both inside, through body heat, and outside. It helps in improving its life as well as getting a enhanced wrinkle free experience!!” Situation 4: You are a high school graduate and your dad catches you purchasing a box of condoms. Excuse: “ Dad, actually I don’t know what it is. My friend Ritika worries a lot and her doctor advised her to lower expectations. So I simply asked chemist uncle to give me something that can stop her from expecting.”