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Management Products & Remote Monitoring Service

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Management Products & Remote Monitoring Service. Providing the Total Solution. Product Overview. Current Products. Management Cards and Chassis: Environmental Monitoring Card: Temperature, humidity, and contact monitoring Out-of-Band Management Card: Remote UPS management via modem

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current products
Current Products
  • Management Cards and Chassis:
    • Environmental Monitoring Card: Temperature, humidity, and contact monitoring
    • Out-of-Band Management Card: Remote UPS management via modem
    • Relay I/O Card: UPS control through a simple dry contact interface
    • 2-Port Interface Expansion Card: Multiple server shutdown
    • Single & Triple Expansion Chassis: Allows use of single or multiple SmartSlots with one UPS
current products1
Current Products
  • Other Management Products:
    • 8-Port Interface Expander: Multiple server shutdown
    • PowerView: Real time UPS monitoring without use of a PC
    • Isolated Extension Cable: Extends communication up to 100 meters
    • Remote Power-Off Device: Works with an EPO to power-off an APC UPS
    • Environmental Monitoring Unit: Temperature, humidity, and contact monitoring without a UPS
environmental monitor card ap9612th
Environmental Monitor Card (AP9612TH)
  • The Environmental Monitoring Card is a UPS accessory for network administrators to monitor environmental conditions in rack, computer room, and data center environments.
features benefits
Features & Benefits
  • Sensors for temperature and humidity continuously monitor environment of your valuable equipment
  • User-selectable thresholds allow you to decide when you need to be notified of potential environmental anomalies.
  • Four user-definable external inputs, for example: fire, water, smoke, physical security,or other external conditions
customer application
Customer Application
  • A MIS/Network Manager monitoring equipment in a remote location is concerned that a change in environmental conditions may cause damage so he/she would like to proactively monitor the equipment’s surrounding environment.
out of band management card ap9608
Out-of-Band Management Card (AP9608)
  • The Out-of-Band Management Card is a UPS accessory for network administrators to manage UPSs remotely via modem.
features benefits1
Features & Benefits
  • Paging Capabilities
    • Out-of-Band Card can dial two pagers to alert users about potential problems at specific sites
  • Security Features
    • User-selectable password protection
    • Dial-back security
  • Remote UPS Status Display
  • Data and Event Logging
customer application1
Customer Application
  • A Network Administrator, responsible for keeping multiple servers up and running in more than one location, wants to be notified of power problems in the UPS, should they arise and wants to have the ability to solve the problem remotely.
relay i o card ap9610
Relay I/O Card (AP9610)
  • The Relay I/O card is a UPS accessory for Network Administrators to control and monitor power through a dry-contact interface in rack, computer room, and data center environments.
features benefits2
Features & Benefits
  • Monitors through a simple, dry-contact interface
  • Four user-definable inputs/actions trigger up to six possible outputs/reactions
  • Remotely startup or stop equipment and reboot hung or unstable devices via dry contact
  • Can wire the UPS to do the following actions:
    • Turn on
    • Turn off
    • Initiate Self-Test
    • Shutdown
customer application2
Customer Application
  • A Building/Network Administrator currently has a relay signaling management architecture and would like to interface their UPS to a building security system and remotely receive UPS status information without going through a network.
8 port 2 port interface expanders ap9207 ap9607
8-Port/2-Port Interface Expanders (AP9207) & (AP9607)
  • The Interface Expander provides data protection as well as graceful shutdown and reboot for multiple servers on one UPS.
features benefits3
Features & Benefits
  • Connects multiple servers. Up to 8 (1 Smart Port – 7 Simple) with the 8-Port and up to 3 (1 Smart on UPS – 2 Simple) with the 2-Port SmartSlot Card
  • Delays shutdown of the UPS until all servers have shut down gracefully
  • Can be connected to a modem or terminal for sending and receiving status and control information from the UPS
  • When coupled with PowerChute plus software, one server can monitor the UPS, report power conditions and provide actual UPS data (input voltage, load, battery capacity) through the Smart port.
customer application3
Customer Application
  • A Network Manager in charge of server rooms wishes to manage multiple OS-independent file and database servers using a single UPS.
single triple expansion chassis ap9600 ap9604
Single & Triple Expansion Chassis (AP9600) & (AP9604)
  • The Expansion Chassis gives network administrators one, or three additional slots respectively, in Smart-UPS, Matrix-UPS, Symmetra Power Array, and Silcon UPSs to customarily monitor and manage their UPS.
features benefits4
Features & Benefits


  • Allows the use of multiple SmartSlot cards to create a unique solution for each, individual customer
  • Offers an opportunity for various forms of functionality and manageability of equipment



Monitoring Port



Optional Power


Status LED


customer application4
Customer Application
  • A Facility operator running multiple remote locations which house temperature critical devices, must be notified of any temperature and/or humidity changes, unauthorized entry, pipe bursts, fire, or cut in utility. With the Triple Chassis he can combine a Web/SNMP Card, Out-of-Band Management Card (for redundancy) and an Environmental Monitoring Card to view all of this necessary information.
powerview ap9215
PowerView (AP9215)
  • PowerView is a hand-held control panel for network administrators that configures and controls UPSs in rack, computer room, and data center environments.
features benefits5
Features & Benefits
  • PowerView can be used to provide real time monitoring of the UPS without the use of a computer
  • Mounted outside a rack, four LED indicators display the operational status of the connected UPS
  • Password security ensures that unauthorized users cannot tamper with important configuration information
  • Mass configure multiple UPSs with one PowerView
customer application5
Customer Application
  • MIS or Data Center manager has a remote room housing multiple UPSs that he/she would like to monitor the status of, but the manager does not want to add another PC to the overall solution.
isolated extension cable ap9825
Isolated Extension Cable (AP9825)
  • The Isolated Extension Cable (IEC) allows UPS communication between servers running PowerChute and APC UPS equipment, to be extended up to 100 meters.
features benefits6
Features & Benefits
  • Boosts signals and reduces noise by using a current loop scheme
  • Provides an isolation barrier that prevents damage from ground loops
  • Works with CAT-5 cables up to 100 meters in length
  • Requires no configuration
  • Supports all the functionality normally available to and from the UPS
customer application6
Customer Application
  • A facility manager housing servers and UPSs in separate closets or rooms yet needs communication between the two.
remote power off device ap9830
Remote Power-Off Device (AP9830)
  • The Remote Power-Off device immediately turns off the output of a connected APC UPS in computer room and data center environments.
features benefits7
Features & Benefits
  • Provides quick remote Power-off of APC UPS output
  • Works with a variety of switches – normally open, normally closed, and applied voltage
  • Can be set up for shutting down multiple UPSs with one switch (one RPO per UPS)
  • Supports all functions normally available to the UPS, including the powering of accessories, smart signaling, and UPS Power-on/Power-off
customer applications
Customer Applications
  • An IT Manager monitoring multiple UPSs that desires a quick and easy way to terminate output power in case of fire, flood or other unforeseen disaster.
environmental monitoring unit ap9312th ap9312thi
Environmental Monitoring Unit(AP9312TH & AP9312THI)
  • The Stand-Alone Environmental Monitoring Unit (EMU) performs continuous temperature and humidity sensing and contact monitoring without a UPS connection.
features benefits8
Features & Benefits
  • Temperature and humidity are continuously measured by two available probes.
  • User-definable thresholds
  • Four user-definable external inputs, for example: fire, water, smoke, physical security,or other external conditions
  • Event Notification via E-mail and SNMP
  • Interface via Web, Telnet, or SNMP
  • Two levels of user access: Administrative and Device Management
customer application7
Customer Application
  • A Data Center Manager with limited rack space is concerned about the possibility of adverse environmental conditions damaging equipment after hours and would like to be notified of environmental changes.
additional management products
Additional Management Products:
  • 5-Port 10Base-T Hub Card: Currently released UPS accessory that expands or creates a local network.This product is primarily utilized in homes and small businesses.
  • ModBus Proxy Card: A UPS accessory that provides seamless integration into Building Management Systems (To be released Q3)
  • Smart Interface Expander Card: A UPS accessory which allows two servers to talk Smart Signaling simultaneously while having the ability to gracefully shutdown and reboot individual servers. (To be released Q3)
remote monitoring service

Remote Monitoring Service

An Outsourced Solution

apc remote monitoring
APC Remote Monitoring
  • An outsourced service that proactively monitors UPS(s) and the surrounding environment 24x7 to enhance high availability in networking and facility environments.
what is gained by outsourcing
What Is Gained By Outsourcing?
  • Faster Resolution of Events
  • Experienced Staff of Power Professionals
  • Integration with APC Field Service
  • Peace of Mind
who are we targeting
Who are we Targeting?
  • ANYONE who is unable or unwilling to monitor their own systems
ups systems supported
UPS Systems Supported
  • Silcon
  • Symmetra
  • Matrix
  • SmartUPS
features and benefits
Features and Benefits
  • Immediate Notification
  • Faster Response
  • Alarm Reports
  • Customized Escalation
  • Environmental Surveillance
two solutions
Two Solutions:
  • Out-of-Band Monitoring
    • POTS – Plain Old Telephone System
    • Utilizes two paging networks for event notification
    • No network or security issues
  • In-Band Monitoring
    • Internet
    • Utilizes e-mail for event notification
    • No installation service visits (time saving)
rms on the web
RMS On The Web
  • Custom Profile
    • Configure Event Response
    • Determine Escalation
    • Classify Severity of Events
    • Change Profile Information At Any Time
  • Reports
    • View Monthly Event Information
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