what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why n.
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media institution

media institution

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media institution

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  1. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

  2. What is institution? A institution is a company that disperses a media product for audience consumption. I believe that there is a variety of institutions that would want to distribute my media product- thriller opening. The most obvious media institutions that would distribute my magazine would be publisher, as its free.

  3. Where would institution disperse a product? So for a example a film would go to cinemas either nationally or internationally, so then after being in the cinema for while it will then get dispersed to shops to sell merchandise either DVD or soundtracks, which is the same for new music.

  4. My target audience is based on early teens to early adulthood so between 17-24 year olds, so this means I have to keep the price very reasonable. I believe that my product will best distributed in stores like WHSmith or HMV which are specialised for music. I would also like to publish my music magazine online for everyone else too see.

  5. Using the internet in further use, it makes it more appropriate to use as more up and coming technology to distriubute.By using newer technology it targets the audience that I am aming for the places, making a mobile app for my music magazine will expand the development, by doing this everyone will be able to read the magazine by a fingertip.

  6. In terms of the availability of buying the magazine, the best way for this would be the option of buying weekly and keeping a option of buying a subscription. This allows the customer to pick and choose when they want to buy the music magazine.

  7. I think when publishing my music magazine I had decided I will be using IPC to distribute my magazine , as its known to be the worlds biggest magazine publisher, as IPC have many inter-links with other companies to distribute my magazine it could potentially be easier to get my magazine to be published/distributed.

  8. IPC has distributed many magazines such as NME which is part of the indie genre anyway, they publish it on TV channels too. Choosing IPC I can take the advantage of the connection between the company and the buyers therefore promoting my magazine with the well known standard of service the company has.