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Critical Procedures in Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Payroll PowerPoint Presentation
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Critical Procedures in Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Payroll

Critical Procedures in Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Payroll

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Critical Procedures in Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Payroll

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  1. Critical Procedures in Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Payroll

  2. Employee Benefits • Andres Silva-Director • Aida Loya • 618-6042 • Priscilla Rodriguez • 618-7380 • Elvira Solis • 632-8430 • Cynthia Zamarripa • 618-6007

  3. Employee Benefits • Work Place Posters • TASB Work Site Posters • 18 x 24 • Federal & State Posters (English & Spanish) • 43701-1112 (State) • 39906-0611 (Federal) • Remove all other versions including Non-TASB Employment Posters • Statement of Non-Discrimination • 8 ½ x 11 • Typically on Blue Paper (English & Spanish) • Title IX Coordinators John Cavazos & John Wilde • Remove all other versions • Employee Assistance Program • 11 x 17 • Deer Oaks Behavioral Health/Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program • 1-866-EAP-2400 • Remove any version with a local (956) number

  4. Employee Benefits • Workers Compensation Reporting • Report Immediately (24 hrs.) • Supervisor • Complete Incident/Injury Reports • • Non-Emergency Medical Attention • Report to the Employee Benefits Office • Authorization for Treatment • Elvira Solis • 632-8430

  5. Employee Benefits • Open Enrollment • October 6 – November 7 • Annual opportunity for Benefit Changes • Web Based • • At a minimum review/confirm annually

  6. Human Resources

  7. Liquid Office Liquid Office Forms: • Recommendation Form • Employee Action Form • Vacancy Requisition • Part Time Positions Posting

  8. Vacancy Postings All Positions must be posted for a minimum of 10 calendar days.

  9. Recommendation Form • Used for recommending New to the District staff: • Full time • Part Time

  10. Action Form • Used for recommending staff changes: • Reassignment - within the campus • Transfer to other campus • Fund changes • Add and/or delete additional duties: • Extra class • Coaching • …..etc

  11. Employee ID • Effective September 1, 2013: Districts are prohibited from using social security numbers as employee identifiers for any reason other than taxes.

  12. Board Policy DEC (LOCAL) REVISIONS • Request for Personal Leave • Monitor of consecutive absences • Extended Medical Leave: After all available state and local leave days have been exhausted, a full-time employee shall be granted in a school year a maximum of 30 unpaid leave days of extended sick leave to be used on consecutive workdays and only for the employee’s own personal illness or injury, including pregnancy-related illness or injury. A written request for extended sick leave must be accompanied by a medical certification of the illness or injury.

  13. Board Policy DEC (LOCAL) Reimbursement of leave upon retirement: • Contract employees must provide written notice of intent to retire at least 60 calendar days before the last day of employment. • Non-contract employees must provide written notice at least 14 calendar days before the last day of employment. …For each leave day used during the respective 60 or 14 day notice period before the last day of employment, an employee shall submit medical certification of the need for leave. Each leave day used without medical during this period shall be considered as leave taken for discretionary purposes and the district shall subtract one leave day from the number of unused local leave days eligible for reimbursement, regardless of which type of paid leave the employee uses. The employee shall be reimbursed, at a rate established by the Board, for each eligible day of unused local leave, to a maximum of 75 days.

  14. Retirement FAQ • I am considering retirement. Where do I start? • MISD Website-MISD Retirement link • District & TRS specific Steps • • Information duplicated on HR and Payroll Department website • Aida Loya • 618-6042

  15. Board Policy DEC (LOCAL) NEUTRAL ABSENCE CONTROL • If an employee does not return to work after exhausting all available paid and unpaid leave, the District shall provide the employee written notice that he or she no longer has leave available for use. The District shall automatically pursue termination of an employee who has exhausted all available leave, regardless of the reason for the absence (see DF series). The employee’s eligibility for reasonable accommodations, as required by the American with Disabilities Act (see DAA(LEGAL), shall be considered before termination. If terminated, the employee may apply for reemployment with the District.

  16. Leaves and Absences • Return to work after extended absence (FMLA, TDL, WC) • Doctor’s release : submit to HR prior to return approval • Doctor’s release with restriction: must be approved by immediate supervisor and submitted to HR prior to return

  17. Resignations • Notice to immediate supervisor • Approval by supervisor must indicate approved last working day and noted on resignation letter prior to submitting to HR

  18. Absence Recording Smart Find Express – SFE • Deadline for absence calling: 3 pm for day staff and 9 pm for night staff. • Submit After the Fact memo to Payroll the next day • Substitute calling • Cancel job if vacancy hasn’t been filled within a reasonable time frame • Jobs assigned - sub reports - committed to pay • Substitute for Vacancy requests with a teacher of record • Substitute for Vacancy requests for vacancy *HQ

  19. Substitute for Vacancy Process for Substitutes for Vacancies • The steps for processing payroll for substitutes for vacancies is the same as for regular substitutes with the exception that a Substitute for Vacancy Request Form must be submitted to Human Resources prior to the Substitutes first working day. • Request for vacancy should be submitted to HR to ensure that substitute is Highly Qualified (HQ) and is cleared to fill in for the vacancy especially in the case of special funding which require further approvals. • The Payroll Department will not process any payment for Substitutes for Vacancies unless a Substitute for Vacancy Request Form has been submitted to the Human Resource Department and approved.

  20. Substitute for Vacancy Vacancies Only…..

  21. Absences Jury Duty and Mandatory Court Appearances • If you have an absence for either, then documentation must be provided by the employee and the campus/department is responsible for maintaining it • A copy must be sent to Payroll. Note job # on document. • Notice must include all days of absences • Campus/department will be required to submit documentation if it is requested from Auditor • For a Mandatory Court Appearance, a Subpoena is the only acceptable documentation

  22. Time Clock Unreported Hours • The FLSA does not permit an employer to benefit from the work of an employee without compensating them for such work. Therefore, all hours worked must be reported using the Time Clock Plus electronic timekeeping system. Any time spent working while not clocked in (a.k.a. “working off the clock”) is strictly prohibited.


  24. CONTACT INFORMATION • Oscar Trigo– Director of Payroll • (956) 632-8849 • Lazaro Ramos – Staff Accountant • (956) 618-7345 • Theresa Caceres (956) 618-6044 Lead Payroll Clerk • Lucinda Jauregui (956) 632-8448 Payroll Clerk • Margot Ochoa (956) 618-6041 Payroll Clerk • Elizabeth Becerra (956) 632-8849 Payroll Clerk • Anita Solis (956) 618-6043 Payroll Clerk • Belinda Solis (956) 618-6040 Payroll Clerk

  25. UPDATES • Updates to Payroll Manual • Section A – General Information • Section B – Payroll Dashboard • Section C – Leave Absence Processing • Section D – Time Clock Policy and Guidelines • Section E – Payroll Supplemental • Section F – SFE & Substitutes • Section G – Rates & Codes

  26. Section A – General Information

  27. Section A • HB 2961 – Removal of Social Security numbers from forms • As a result of HB 2961, all payroll related forms have been updated to comply with a new requirement that prohibits the use of a district employee’s social security number as an employee identifier other than for tax purposes. All payroll related forms have been updated to comply with this new bill. These new forms are to be used effectively immediately.

  28. Section A • Payroll Related Forms now available on Payroll Dashboard

  29. Section B – Payroll Dashboard

  30. Section B • All McAllen Independent School District employees with access to SunGard, will now have the ability to enable the PAYROLL DASHBOARD. This dashboard will include helpful links as well as commonly used payroll related forms.

  31. Section B

  32. Section B

  33. Section B

  34. Section C – Leave Absence Processing

  35. Section C • Effective with the 2013-2014 school year, all leave balances are now part of the check stub on Employee Online. Please refer to the pay date schedule for the leave dates that are processed in each pay date.

  36. Section D – Time Clock Policy and Guidelines

  37. Section D • Any time spent working while not clocked in (a.k.a. “working off the clock”) is strictly prohibited. • Examples of “working off the clock” may include: • Forgetting to clock in or out • Voluntarily continuing to work at the end of regular working hours

  38. Section D • Taking work home to complete on the weekend or in the evening • Checking/Reading/Reviewing work-related emails or listening to work-related voicemail messages while away from the office or workplace • Answering phones, emails, or attending to customers while clocked out for a lunch break

  39. Section D • Each location is required to keep 4 years worth of reports on file as per Record Retention Record Number GR1050-56.

  40. Section E – Payroll Supplemental

  41. Section E • Supplemental Form has been updated to include the name in print of individual approving the form

  42. Section F – SFE & Substitutes

  43. Section F

  44. Section F

  45. Section F

  46. Section F

  47. Section F

  48. Section F • When VERIFYING jobs, ensure that Job Type is set to All, Job Status is set to All, exclude cancelled, Sub Status is set to filled, and the Search from date is for the date(s) you will be verifying absences/substitutes and click on SEARCH

  49. Section F • The following should be looked at when reviewing the daily report: • Job HH (Job Hours) should never be more than 9 hours. If there is such an instance, this would indicate that the absence was called for an incorrect period. (Ex. 1:00am to 5:00pm)

  50. Section F • To verify absences/substitutes click on the Verify Box to manually verify each absence against your printed emailed report where your sub signatures are on.