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Importance of Spirituality in Life

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Importance of Spirituality in Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Importance of Spirituality in Life. Compiled from books written by Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Founder All World Gayatri Pariwar. Outline. Understanding Spirituality Science versus Spirituality Is spirituality a curse? Some misconceptions What is true spirituality? Its importance

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importance of spirituality in life

Importance of Spirituality in Life

Compiled from books written by

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Founder All World Gayatri Pariwar

  • Understanding Spirituality
    • Science versus Spirituality
    • Is spirituality a curse?
    • Some misconceptions
    • What is true spirituality?
  • Its importance
  • Basic principles
successes of science
Successes of Science
  • An endless list:
    • Wealth of knowledge, unraveling mysteries
    • Disaster management
    • Means of Communication
    • Means of Conveyance
    • Means of Comfort
    • Medicine and surgery
    • ….
limitations of science
Limitations of Science
  • All aspects of science deal with matter and physical forms of energy
  • Cannot answer many questions:
    • Why do we take birth and why do we die?
    • What is happiness and what is sorrow?
    • What are feelings and emotions?
    • What is the tendency to sacrifice for others?
    • How to solve social problems?
    • How to transform an ordinary being to a great man?

Science is important but not everything

about science and spirituality
Two aspects of creation:


consciousness (‘chetana’/soul)

Two methods of study

Science – study of matter, physical forces/energies that influence matter

Spirituality – study of consciousness and its evolution/progress

About Science and Spirituality

Consciousness is superior to matter …

so spirituality must be superior to science!

Is it really so?

comparison of science and spirituality

Deals with what can be perceived by sense organs/physical instruments

Scientific method: hypothesis, followed by experiments for verification

What is proven by hard evidence is true


Deals with sublime unperceivable concepts like consciousness

Hypotheses cannot be verified in physical terms in any laboratory

Truth known only through self realization!

Comparison of Science and Spirituality
comparison of science and spirituality1
Highly universal: scientific statements have no ambiguity

Science accepted and used by all

Spiritual concepts and methods have huge variations across different sects/religions, even contradictory

Intellectuals have ignored, expressed doubts and ridiculed spirituality

Comparison of Science and Spirituality
comparison of scientists with spiritualists

Earned success: understood physical matter and energy and used them to reap rich benefits

Earn respect, high positions and wealth

Contribute to betterment of society through technology development


Most are failures: flights of fantasy, magical powers that they cannot demonstrate, talk of concepts that cannot be proven

Most are poor, uneducated untalented

Most are dependent on society for even daily needs

Comparison of Scientists with “Spiritualists”
or is spirituality a curse
Or is Spirituality a Curse?

Wastage of time at

religious gatherings

and pilgrimages

Wastage of resources on

grand occasions

is spirituality a curse
Is Spirituality a Curse?

Vices everywhere!


is spirituality a curse1
Is Spirituality a Curse?

Religious songs and discourses : a new

very popular mode of entertainment!

is spirituality a curse no
Is Spirituality a Curse? No!!!
  • Achievements of truly spiritual persons of past era
    • Innumerable qualities and great talents.
    • Supernatural powers
    • Love and sensitivity for all beings
    • Blessings could fulfill all wishes
    • Solutions to all problems of mankind, could create a perfectly harmonious society
    • Deciphered the hidden forces of Nature
    • Understood vital spiritual energy (life force-prana)
endless contributions of indian spiritualists
Endless Contributions of Indian Spiritualists:
  • Ved Vyas’s Literature
  • Nagarjuna’s Chemistry, Charak’s Botany, Sushrut’s Surgery
  • Yagyavalkya’s research on Yagya
  • Vishwamitra’s Science of Mantras
  • Parashuram’s fight for uprooting injustice and vices
  • Dadhichi’s donation of his bones for the construction of vajra
  • Bhagirath’s devout ascetic endeavor
  • Panini’s Sanskrit Grammar
  • Patanjali’s Yoga
  • Vaiseshik’s Atomic Science
  • Arjun’s mastery in battles
  • Chanakya’s establishment of Nalanda
  • Guiding kings like Ram, Chandragupta Maurya, Rana Pratap, Shivaji.
  • Shankaracharya, Vivekanand and Dayanand’s efforts to restore glory

what is spirituality
What is Spirituality ?
  • It is a pathway from smallness to greatness
  • Method to attain happiness and fulfillment – self, society, world
  • Its capability and dignity is much greater than science.
  • Spirituality: establish best qualities into every aspect of one’s life
  • Problems are due to misconceptions
some misconceptions that must be removed
Some Misconceptions That Must be Removed
  • God is a fish that can be enticed!
    • Prayers, offerings, rituals
    • Lofty desires
some misconceptions
Some misconceptions …
  • Spirituality means run away !
    • Life in solitude
some misconceptions1
Some misconceptions …
  • Holy fire (dhuni)
  • Ash, beards, attire
  • Strange weapons
some misconceptions2
Some misconceptions …
  • Pilgrimage and holy gatherings
aim of spirituality
Aim of Spirituality
  • Understand consciousness (research)
  • Put the understanding to good use!
    • Creating happy and contented lives
    • Discovering hidden talents
    • Removing pain and sorrow
    • Solve social problems
    • Supernatural powers for benefit of all
importance of spirituality
Importance of Spirituality
  • Personal level:
    • Health
    • Stress
    • Create harmony with self, family, society
    • Know purpose of life …
  • Global level
    • Materialism and selfishness – creation of all problems
    • Spirituality – love, kindness, equality – solution to all the problems
basic principle
Basic Principle :
  • Right achievement at the right price – spiritual achievements are reserved only for those who have proven their worth
    • Promotion
    • Scholarship
basic principle1
Basic Principle:
  • Spiritual achievements possible only when we increase our own worth
  • Understanding our hidden worth
  • Refining our personality
    • Purity in beliefs
    • Purity in thinking
    • Purity in actions
understand who we are
Understand who we are:
  • Amazing human body
understand who we are1
Understand who we are:
  • Five subtle dimensions of consciousness
understand who we are2
Understand who we are:
  • Science understands only 7% of capabilities of brain
  • What does the remaining 93 % do?
  • Contains hidden supernatural powers – superconscious mind
refining personality
Refining Personality
  • Why are these powers hidden?
    • Evolution of soul
two steps to a refined personality
Two steps to a refined personality
  • Tap (cleansing) & Yog (instilling good qualities)
tap cleansing
Tap (cleansing)
  • Establishing complete control over self
  • Tap in modern times
    • Indriya sanyam (control over senses)
    • Arth Sanyam (control over finances)
    • Samay Sanyam (Preventing wastage of time)
    • Vichar Sanyam (learning how to restrain the thinking process)
  • Attach oneself to One who represents all the best human qualities
  • Sincere effort to awaken within ourselves qualities like:
    • Selflessness
    • Love towards all
    • Courage
    • Independence
    • Determination …
  • Create a symbol
  • Become one with that - Upasana
to conclude
To conclude -
  • Science and spirituality – two methods to search for truth
  • Religious communities have neglected spirituality
  • Spiritual progress means:
    • Realize we are much more than physical body
    • Search for ill-tendencies and bad qualities
    • Remove them with deliberate effort (Tap)
    • Fill in good qualities (Yog)
  • Spiritual achievements reserved for those who become worthy and put sincere efforts
  • Understanding Spirituality:
    • What is Spirituality
    • Meaning, Purpose and Benefits of Worship
    • Prepare Yourself to Excel
    • Jivan Sadhana
  • Human Body
    • Wonders of Human Bioelectricity
    • Astonishing Power of Biophysical and Subtle Energies
    • Manavi Kaya Kitni Vilakshan