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Bibliographic Control of Music Materials Session 2. Uniform titles. Uniform Titles . What are they and why do we need them? According to Richard Smiraglia : Identify particular intellectual entity (Homer’s Illiad )

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uniform titles
Uniform Titles

What are they and why do we need them?

According to Richard Smiraglia:

  • Identify particular intellectual entity (Homer’s Illiad)
  • Collate the manifestations of the work that have appeared under differing titles proper
  • Distinguish among works that have similar bibliographic characteristics

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles3
Uniform Titles

There are three different types of music uniform titles

  • Distinctive works collocated under an original title
  • Form titles collocated under that name of type of composition
  • Collective titles

(form, performance medium, mixed forms and media)

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles4
Uniform Titles

Everything you always wanted to know can be found in two places

  • AACR2, chapter 25 OR
  • OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles5
Uniform Titles

Form titles

  • Example 1

Mozart wrote a symphony. It was the 41stsymphony he wrote. It is called:

  • Symphony 41
  • Symphony #41
  • 41st Symphony
  • Jupiter Symphony
  • Symphony in C Major

What should we call it in our catalog record?

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles6
Uniform Titles
  • Example 1 continued
  • [Symphonies,K. 551,C major]

Let’s pick this apart:

“symphonies” because he wrote more than one

K.551, the Köchel number

C major, the key signature

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles7
Uniform Titles

Distinctive Titles

  • Example 2

Stravinsky wrote a very famous ballet. We usually refer to it in this country as “The Rite of Spring.” But it’s also known as:

Le Sacre du Printemps

Vesna sviashchennaia

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles8
Uniform Titles

The official uniform title for this work is:

[Vesna sviashchennaia] (that is what he called it, after all)

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles9
Uniform Titles

Distinctive Title with addition

  • Example 3

What’s that pesky opera called, the one Wagner wrote, the really long one

Twilight of the Gods

(also known as)

  • Götterdämmerung
  • The last of the 4 operas of The Ring

What should we call it?

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles10
Uniform Titles
  • [Ring des Nibelungen.Götterdämmerung]

“Ring des Nibelungen” is the name of the entire opera cycle

Gotterdammerung is a “part” of the cycle

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles11
Uniform Titles

Form title

  • Example 4

Brahms wrote a sextet called

Sextet for 2 violins, 2 violas & 2 cellos no. 1 in B-flat major, op. 18

What should the uniform title be?

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles12
Uniform Titles
  • [Sextets, ‡m violins, violas, violoncellos, ‡n no. 1, op. 18, ‡r Bb major]

Let’s break down the “order” of the instruments listed

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles13
Uniform Titles

According to AACR2, Chapter 25 on Uniform Titles, the order of the “elements” in the medium of performance field (‡m) should be:

  • Voices
  • Keyboard instrument if there is more than one non-keyboard instrument
  • Other instruments in score order
  • Continuo

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles14
Uniform Titles

Collective title by medium of performance

Example 5

Beethoven, Ludwig Van, 1770-1827.[Piano music]Beethoven [electronic resource] : complete works for solo piano.

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles15
Uniform Titles

Mixed forms and media uniform titles

  • Example 6

Dunstable, John, ca. 1390-1453. [Works]Complete works

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles16
Uniform Titles

Indiana University School of Music

Cook Music Library

Using Uniform Titles

L&IS 627: Spring 2009

uniform titles17
Uniform Titles

A good resource for uniform titles by major composers….

The Best of MOUG

(Music OCLC Users Group)

L&IS 627: Spring 2009