fashion throughout history sports in the 90 s n.
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  1. FASHION THROUGHOUT HISTORY:SPORTS IN THE 90’S Evan Battle & Francis Apacible

  2. Influence of Sports in the 1990’s The emergence of professional sports over the last century have brought about many changes to society The way we dress has been greatly influenced by sports, from jerseys, gear, and apparel. And, of course, the athletes that wear these clothes set the ultimate example for us There is no other decade in sports that has influenced fashion more than the 90s Events in sports such as the Stanley Cup Playoffs, USA Dream Team in Barcelona, and the Bulls Domination in the 90s have helped to make this sports movement popular

  3. Influence of Hockey Wayne Gretzky (The Great One) was able to popularize hockey in cities that were not usually known as hockey towns, such as Los Angeles and St. Louis Not only did he make hockey popular in new places, he popularized wearing jerseys as part of everyday wear Most hockey jerseys were designed to feature bright neon colours, which were very popular in the 90s

  4. Influence of Hockey JaromirJagr was a fan favourite, most known for his mullet in the 90s It became popular for hockey fans to wear mullets to pay tribute to Jagr’s style Jagr is credited for helping to make the NHL more popular in Eastern Europe, as he is a native of the Czech Republic Hairstyles became important in the sport of hockey, as they expressed support for a certain team or player The “Playoff Beard” was a tradition also started in the 80s/90s. Players and fans stop shaving when their team enters the playoffs and does not shave until the team is eliminated or wins the Stanley Cup

  5. Basketball – Air Jordan Air Jordan is a brand of shoes and athletic apparel produced by Nike and Michael Jordan Michael Jordan is arguably the best basketball player to ever play the game. He won 6 championships in the 90s. That fact alone made people believe that wearing Jordans gave them magical powers (seriously, they do) Each pair of Js released during this era was a hit. They were undeniably the greatest trend of the 90s

  6. Everyday Sportswear • Terry Cloth Wristbands and Headbands • Whether or not you actually went to the gym, they were cool to wear • Neon Windbreakers • They were like magic capes. Throw one on, and you automatically the coolest. The brighter, the better • Reebok Pumps • The first line of shoes with an inflating mechanism – and they were stylish • Tear Away Track Suits • The idea of being able to rip your pants off in one fluid monition was extremely attractive. It was made for athletes to warm up, but they also became popular for everyday leisure  

  7. Everyday Sportswear • Popular Brands (most still big today) included – • Nike and Air Jordan • Fila • Adidas • Reebok • Puma • Converse • Starter • How sportswear communicated the wearers social status, etc. - jerseys and team clothing was worn by fans to show what team they supported. It would also show a persons wealth, as branded sportswear and team merchandise was not cheap • Colours and Designs – at the time, bright neon colours were extremely popular. Designs and logos were often complex and over embellished

  8. Movies • SPACE JAM • 1996 – was a film that plays out as a story of Jordan’s return to basketball from retirement • • MIGHTY DUCKS FILM SERIES • 1992-6 – Disney trilogy in which its success paved the way for the creation of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim NHL team •