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Creating an Effective Technical Resume

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Creating an Effective Technical Resume - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating an Effective Technical Resume. UWB Career Development Center. Preparing Your Resume . Jamie Shay Career Specialist Resume - Purpose. TO GET AN INTERVIEW To sell yourself Present related work experience To represent you when you’re not there.

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creating an effective technical resume

Creating an Effective Technical Resume

UWB Career Development Center

preparing your resume
Preparing Your Resume

Jamie Shay

Career Specialist

resume purpose
Resume - Purpose
    • To sell yourself
    • Present related work experience
  • To represent you when you’re not there.
creating an effective resume
Creating an Effective Resume
  • Market Yourself!
  • Be concise & focused
  • Write specific to the purpose
  • Create a visually appealing piece
who is your audience
Who is Your Audience?
  • Tired, overworked, stressed!
  • Maybe HR - technical or non-technical
  • Maybe a recruiter – hopefully technical
  • Maybe Manager – technical but no time
  • Maybe a machine - can only make a match
  • All desperate to find the right person!
effective resume the basics
Effective Resume- The Basics
  • Reviewed -10 to 30 seconds
  • Must make immediate impression
    • Overall appearance
    • Organization
    • Spelling and Grammar
      • Use strong verbs
      • Use descriptive terms
parts of the resume
Parts of the Resume
  • Top Portion is critical
    • Indicates to reviewer that you may be the right person
    • Includes:
      • Name
      • Objectives
      • Qualifications/Skills/Traits
parts of the resume 2
Parts of the Resume - 2
  • Middle Section
    • Strongest supporting evidence first
      • Education, maybe GPA and awards
      • Relevant Job Experience
      • Technical summary for technical resumes
      • Certifications
  • Bottom (if there’s room)
    • Incidental Information
      • Affiliations/Clubs
      • APPROPRIATE hobbies
      • Languages
resume appearance dont get cute
Resume – AppearanceDONT GET CUTE!!
  • Organized & Concise
  • Light-colored, 8.5 x 11 paper
  • Single page if possible
  • Margins and Fonts
    • Use white space to avoid fatigue
    • Font- san serif eg Arial, Tahoma, 11 pt.
general guidelines content
General Guidelines - Content
  • Objective
    • Specific to the position - customize!
    • Don’t sound selfish


    • What makes you unique? – sell yourself
    • Tell them why you’re the best – match to job description
    • Tell them what they want to hear!
resume types
Resume Types
  • Chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination
resume chronological
Resume -Chronological
  • Most common
  • Shows experience within the same field as the job goal – highlights job progression
  • Reverse chronological order
  • Advantage – show career growth if linear
  • Disadvantage – shows all jobs, whether good or bad
modified chronological relevant work experience
Modified Chronological – Relevant Work Experience
  • Relevant Work Experience
    • Software Tester, Microsoft Date
        • Some description
    • Backup Operator, Microsoft Date
        • Some description
  • Other experience
      • Barista, Company Date
      • Tutor, QSC, UWB Date
resume functional
Resume -Functional
  • Emphasizes skills
  • Limited or not relevant work history
  • Career change
  • Questioned by some
resume combination
Resume - Combination
  • Lists both function and work
  • Highlights projects
  • Highlights transferable skills
  • New to field
resume format digital
Resume Format- Digital
  • Send in body of message-not attached
  • Limit formatting-
    • Avoid word wrap
    • Each line 64-70 characters
  • Send to self to test
  • Include a cover letter- single screen length
resume format scannable
Resume Format- Scannable
  • Scanned for key words - Use theirs!
  • Avoid textured papers
  • Avoid graphics, bold and bullets
  • Stack contact information
    • One line for each part of information
keywords scanned for
Keywords Scanned For
  • Keywords are the "hard" skills

-"soft skills” -second tier of searched words

  • Developed Oracle 9.0 database for marketing department
  • Wrote web based sales tracking application in C++ on Linux/Apache platform
  • Managed customer database (MS SQL 7.0), product updates, and upgrades.
technical resumes
Technical Resumes
  • Must match skills AND technology
    • E.g. developer on C++ vs Fortran
    • Project manager on 727 vs MS Word
  • Solution:
    • Use resume descriptive section for activities
    • Use technical section for technology
technical section
Technical Section
  • Can be a laundry list
  • Used for
    • Job Description Match
    • Database Search
  • Include important acronyms, abbreviations
  • Avoids the Boeing or Army resume syndrome
technical section parsing
Technical Section parsing
  • Possible headings:
    • Operating Systems: Linux/Unix, etc
    • Languages: C/C++, JAVA, etc.
    • Applications: MS Office Suite, etc.
    • Database: Oracle, Access, MySQL
    • IDEs: Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Depends on your experience!
sample technical resumes
Sample Technical Resumes
  • Discussion:
    • On first impression which one looks like you’d want to read it? Why?
    • Which one is better organized?
    • Which one would you call for an interview (if skills were equal)?
cover letters format
Cover Letters-Format
  • Single page- 2-4 paragraphs
  • Tailored and conversational
  • Show your personality
cover letters format1
Cover Letters- Format

First Paragraph

  • Identifies position & how you learned of it
cover letters
Cover Letters

Middle Paragraph

  • What do you offer? Describe it!
  • Mention internships and experience
  • Indicate the good match you are
cover letters1
Cover Letters
  • Last Paragraph
    • Restate your interest
    • Request interview
    • Thank you and contact information

follow up to interview
Follow Up to Interview
  • Send handwritten Thank You letter, if you can
  • Get business card from interviewer or get name/address from the receptionist
  • Make it short and sweet – just to keep your name in front of the interviewer
  • Do it on the way home – keep cards and stamped envelopes in the car.
resume resources
Resume Resources
  • UWB
    • Career Development Center Website
  • Additional Websites
    • Jobs
technical resume wrap up
Technical Resume Wrap UP
  • To make appointment in career center
  • Select “Schedule Appointments” Career Advising
  • Questions?
the career fair experience
The Career Fair Experience

Jamie Shay

Career Specialist

the career fair and you
The Career Fair and You
  • Why attend?
    • Efficiency
    • Face-To-Face Contact Opportunity
    • Variety of companies
getting ready for a career fair
Getting Ready for a Career Fair
  • Your resume
  • Prepare yourself
  • Research, research, research!
getting yourself ready
Getting Yourself Ready
  • Establish your goals
  • Your Appearance
  • Your introduction
set your career fair goals
Set Your Career Fair Goals

What are your goals for this career fair?

  • Meet potential employers
    • Face-To-Face contact
    • Make quality contacts
  • Get a job
  • Research job market
  • Get free stuff
your appearance
Your Appearance

Your dress code will depend on:

    • Your desired position
    • Your industry or targeted employers
    • Type of Career Fair
      • On campus
      • Professional/trade fair
  • You need to “fit in”
your appearance continued
Your Appearance (continued)
  • Be comfortable!!!
    • Career fairs can be a hostile environment – heat, noise, cement floors.
    • You can’t be your best if you’re uncomfortable - especially your feet!
    • Carry as little as possible
  • Be neat, clean, non-controversial
  • Dress “one level” up to be safe
your company research
Your Company Research
  • Get participant list from sponsor or website
  • Research companies
    • Company websites for background
    • Job Postings
      • “Newspaper”
      • Job websites
      • Monster, Yahoo, HuskyJobs, etc
your personal introduction
Your Personal Introduction
  • Quick “elevator” speech about you and what you’re looking for.
    • Name
    • Degree/School
    • Brief experience, if appropriate
    • What you’re looking for
    • Why you want to work for them
  • Make sure your handshake is good
  • PRACTICE your speech!
career fair logistics the room
Career Fair Logistics – The Room
  • Working “the room”
    • Get map or layout of the fair
    • Plan your attack – get to right companies
    • Budget your time – use it wisely
career fair logistics the employer
Career Fair Logistics -The Employer
  • Why employers attend career fairs
      • Hiring for open positions
      • Collect resumes for future
      • Advertisement/Image
career fair logistics the booth
Career Fair Logistics – The Booth
  • Booth layout – about company culture
    • Reading the company culture
    • Attitude of booth workers
    • Booth design – commercial or amateur?
career fair logistics the people
Career Fair Logistics –The People
  • Who is in the booth? You never know!
      • HR
      • Recruiters,
      • Managers,
      • Team Members and
      • Draftees
  • How are they interacting with candidates?
  • How are they handling resumes?
interacting with the booth
Interacting with the Booth
  • Who to talk to:
    • Read the name badge (or no badge)?
      • Names
      • Titles
      • Department Name only badges – managers?
    • Read the business cards
  • Talk to people who are talking to others
  • Look for good conversations to join!
interacting with the booth part 2
Interacting with the Booth-Part 2
  • Talk to them!
    • Be friendly -- introduce yourself
    • Ask informed questions about open positions or about the company
    • Give them a resume and promise electronic copy to follow-get email address!
    • Take literature and business cards
    • Shake hands and thank them for their time
after the career fair
After the Career Fair
  • Follow-up with contacts made - look for an excuse to them contact again
  • Send email or card thanking them for their time
  • Express continued interest in the company
  • Send electronic copy of resume, “as promised”

Thank you for coming!

Missy and Jamie