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I Will Be Successful If. Rosalinda Diaz Health Class/Ms. Radwick.

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I will be successful if

I Will Be Successful If...

Rosalinda Diaz

Health Class/Ms. Radwick

Goal 1 self esteem

I am proud that I box. I started boxing in January, and I work out Monday through Friday from 6pm to 7pm. The gym that box at is the Old School Boxing Fitness Center, on El Cajon Blvd. I box with other people that go to the gym. I do it so I can defend myself, lose weight, and most importantly so I can feel confident. And because of boxing, i have a high self-esteem. I box brother and dad, and that makes me feel more a part of my family. 

People with high self-esteem feel like they are a valuable part of their family, school, and community.

(Building Self-Esteem, 50-51).

Goal # 1, Self-Esteem

Goal 2 making positive decisions

On April 4th, I made a bet with my sister that I would not drink soda for four months. So, until August 4th I could not drink soda. I got use to it after a month, but during mid May, I had soda at a party. Since I wasn't use to drinking soda, I didn't really like it. So after that, I just decided to stop drinking soda. I drink it rarely now but I know soda isn't healthy for you. Not drinking soda has made me healthier. It's easy for me but my friends wonder how I do it. 

Instead I will drink water because water is essential because it is necessary for almost every function that keeps you alive.

(Water, 165)

Goal #2, Making Positive Decisions

Goal 3 get more sleep

 I get about 6-7 house of sleep each night. It's hard for me to go to sleep in my room because i have to share my room with my sister and she is always keeping me up at night. But when i go home during the weekends, I am going to put some ear plugs in my ears and try to sleep. 

If I don't get enough sleep, I will get sleep deprivation, which can causes stress, more likely to get sleep, and it also cause lack of concentration. Teens need about 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep each day.

(Sleep: To Little, to Often 146-147)

Goal #3, Get More Sleep

Goal 4 eat more food

I will try to have at least 9-13 fruits or veggies a day. I will eat a banana in the morning, carrots for lunch, peaches for a snack and avocado for dinner. I usually eat only carrots at school,  but within the next five weeks I want to be able to eat at least 9-13 fruits and veggies a day. For breakfast, I'm going to eat an orange and apple, for lunch I'm going to eat carrots tomatoes with another orange, and for dinner I'm going to eat cucumbers, carrots, an apple, and maybe an orange for a snack. 

Fruits and veggies are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are usually low in calories and fats and don't have much cholesterol.

(Vegetables and Fruit Groups, 172)

Goal #4, Eat More Food

Goal 5 keeping my reproductive system healthy

One way i can stay healthy is but not smoking. I don't ever in my lifetime want to pick up a cigarette and smoke it. When people try to pressure or offer me a smoke, I will use one of the the refusal sayings that I learned in Health. 

Cigarettes produce several kinds of cancer like lung, pancreas, bladder, cervix, and kidney cancer. I don't want that.

(Cancer, 268)

Goal #5, Keeping My Reproductive System Healthy

Goal 6 stay non sexually active

I will continue to live not sexually active in my teen years. One has a high risk of getting HIV and AIDS when sexually active. So, I will not be sexually active, so that way I won't have to worry about getting any STDs in the future. I f a guy tried to convince me otherwise, I will not give in. 

Being sexually active in the teen years could lead to serious consequences like unplanned pregnancy and STD's. An STD is an infectious disease that are spread by sexual contact.

(Risk of Teen Sexual Activity, 476)

Goal #6, Stay Non-Sexually Active

Goal 7 live cancer free

I will continue to live a cancer free life. As i grow up, I want to live cancer free for as long as I can. I will not have any type of cancer in the near future. future. I can prevent cancer by not smoking, taking care if my skin, eating my vegetables, staying active, and going to the doctor for a check-up every now and then (Preventing Cancer, 354).

I don't want to get cancer because the cells will tear through tissues, blood vessels, and take nutrients that my cells need (Cancer Cell  Are Destructive, 350).

Goal #7, Live Cancer Free

Goal 8 handling stress positively

A positive way that i can handle stress is by doing yoga. I want to be able to relieve myself from stress by doing some yoga in Mr. Neighbor's class, Saturday mornings. So I will relieve my stress through yoga. 

If I don't have anything to relieve my stress, a distress can keep me from doing my best no matter how capable I am.

(Negative Stress, 81)

Goal #8, Handling Stress Positively

Goal 9 diabetes free

I will continue to live a life without diabetes. I want to continue to live each day of my life healthy and know I won't get diabetes. While I'm here and when I go home, I will cut down on my sugar and eat more veggies and fruits. I do not want to be diagnosed with diabetes. 

I don't want my cells unable to obtain glucose from the blood such that high blood-glucose levels results.

(Living With Diabetes, 355)

Goal #9, Diabetes Free

Goal 10 don t quit and just achieve

When i started playing volleyball last year during the summer, I told myself I wouldn't quit. And I didn't. There were so many times I wanted to quit, but I didn't. I didn't quit cause I knew that quitting would've been worst then actually playing but being the worse player ever. I kept going because of my friend. With her motivation I didn't quit volleyball. In the end, I ended up playing the whole season. But after volleyball was over, I realized I had accomplished a goal, which was something I never did. 

I played volleyball to have fun and carry out daily physical activities without getting out of breath, sore, or tired.

(Benefits of Being Physically Fit, 126)

Goal #10, Don't Quit and Just Achieve

Goal 11 exercise cardio daily

I will exercise 45 minutes a day for at least 3 days a week. I can at least power walk and do some stretches for 45 minutes each day. but I can try and do more in Mr. Neighbors class, by making it 5 days a week. 

By doing cardiorespiratory endurance and staying physically active, I will have the ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all my of my body cells.

(Cardiorespiratory Endurance, 129)

Goal #11, Exercise Cardio Daily

Goal 12 obtaining optimal weight

I will obtain optimal wight by keeping my BMI normal, eating healthy (Reference to Goal #3) exercising (Reference to Goal #11) everyday. I will try to eat healthy at home, school, or anywhere else I eat. 

I want to obtain my weight by exercising because exercise will increase my energy needs and make managing my weight easier. 

( Eat Smart, Exercise More 199)

Goal #12, Obtaining Optimal Weight

Goal 13 building muscle strength

I will build muscle strength 3 times a week for the rest of the summer program. I will do some exercises that Mr. Neighbor's is teaching us in his class.

Muscles account for all of the ways that the parts of the body move, and it also helps your joints and create the heat that keeps your body warm.

("Why does muscular system do?" 530)

Goal #13, Building Muscle Strength

Goal 14 drug alcohol

I will continue to live a drug-alcohol free life. Drinking puts my life/future at risk. People that drink and drive claim the life of thousands of teenagers every year. I will refuse drinking if I'm ever pressured into the situation. I will think about the consequences that can happen if I drink. I will also not drink because I'm underage.

Teens are charged with minor in possession (MIP) if they are caught drinking.

(Drinking and Jail, 255)

Goal #14, Drug-Alcohol

Goal 15 drug tobacco

I will continue to live a drug-tobacco free life. You can get cancer by smoking tobacco and it costs a lot of money to smoke. instead of wasting money, I could use that money to buy myself something else. I will say No to tobacco by not even trying it. I will refuse when being asked to smoke. I will continue to live tobacco free.

People that are tobacco free tend to live longer, and are at a lower risk of lung cancer, oral cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and bronchitis.

(Benefits of Being Tobacco Free, 277)

Goal #15, Drug-Tobacco

Goal 16 heart disease

I will maintain a healthy heart by exercising daily (reference to goal #15) and by not smoking tobacco (Reference to Goal #14). I will try to keep a healthy heart for as long as I can for as long as I live.

Maintaining a healthy heart will pump blood through the vessels of the body.

("How does the heart work?" 532)

Goal #16, Heart Disease

Goal 17 media influences

McDonald's is always trying to say how good the food is but not about how healthy it is. The burgers there have so many calories in them. 

I will stay away from them by serving myself, being aware of portion size, and being alert about advertisements/messages that will try to get me to eat more.

Doctors, nutritionists, and health experts agree that people are at greater risk of obesity and other disorders when they are constantly bombarded with messages to eat more food. 

(Portion Sizes Affect People, 187)

Goal #17, Media Influences

Goal 18 great relationships

I will continue to have a good relationship with my parents. I will do all my homework, get good grades, clean around the house, and always listen to them everyday. Respect is something I will give them everyday. I won't drink or smoke tobacco. 

I will lose the respect of my family and it will them them if I lie about alcohol just so I wouldn't get caught.

(Families of Teen Alcoholics, 250)

Goal #18, Great Relationships

Goal 19 coping with peer pressure

My mom has always helped me whenever I felt stressed or had any problems at school with my friends. I was pressured into actually smoking, drinking and having sex but I dealt with it, because I knew what the consequences would be, I will continue to live drug free (Reference to Goal #14-15).

I will stay away from those people because those people that want me to go against my moral beliefs are probably not even concerned about my well-beings. 

(External Pressure, 464)

Goal #19, Coping with Peer Pressure

Goal 20 compromise

I will continue to keep a healthy relationship with my sister because of compromise. We fought all the time about who would was the dishes. But one day we decided that we would take turns washing dishes. She would get the odd days of the month while I got the even. So now we don't even fight about dishes anymore.

Compromising will help us with our relationship and well-being.

(Working Together, 410)

Goal #20, Compromise