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ECO SYSTEMS Fuel Enhancer PowerPoint Presentation
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ECO SYSTEMS Fuel Enhancer

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ECO SYSTEMS Fuel Enhancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ECO SYSTEMS Fuel Enhancer. Lowers Emissions Increases Performance Saves Fuel Lowers Maintenance Helps All of Us Breathe Easier. ECO Systems attach between the fuel source and the engine. No maintenance. No consumables. ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT:. Lowering Your Operational Cost?

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Presentation Transcript

ECO SYSTEMSFuel Enhancer

  • Lowers Emissions
  • Increases Performance
  • Saves Fuel
  • Lowers Maintenance
  • Helps All of Us Breathe Easier

ECO Systems attach between the fuel source and the engine. No maintenance. No consumables.



  • Lowering Your Operational Cost?
  • Putting Money Back in your Pocket?
  • Becoming Less Dependent on Foreign Oil?
  • Leave money in your account not the Pump?
  • Lowering Harmful Exhaust Emissions?
  • Reducing Particulates/Harmful exhaust gasses?
  • Helping Clean the Air We All Breathe?
  • Helping Reduce Cancer and Asthma?
  • Doing Your Part to Voluntarily Go Green?
  • Not waiting for Government Mandates?



How Does It Work?

  • ECO Systems Fuel Enhancers work by electro-statically charging the fuel you are currently using.
  • Works on Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Biofuels, Ethanol Blends, and Natural Gas.
  • On average 10% savings in fuel consumption, with ranges from 3.5% to well into 30%. On average, 10%.

How ECO’s Work Continued

  • ECO-Systems work as a catalyst to enhance the fuel by increasing it’s ability to Vaporize creating a better Air – Fuel ratio.
  • This process causes a more complete burn in the combustion chamber.
  • A more complete burn means increased horsepower.
  • Lower Harmful emissions emitted from the exhaust system
  • Less fuel needed to create the same performance as before equals a fuel savings $$$$$.

Fuel Savings

  • On average our units save 10% to 12% fuel on gasoline and diesel applications.
  • We have seen Higher and Lower numbers and much depends on the condition of the engine, driving habits, and type of work done.
  • When you introduce a better quality of fuel to your engine – you will get better fuel economy – better performance – and lower emissions.
  • When comparing mileage before and after installation of the ECO-Systems just make sure you compare apples to apples.

Lower Maintenance Cost

  • A more complete burn means less carbon going into your oil causing a longer engine life.
  • Less carbon build up on injectors.
  • Less carbon build up on EGR valves and O2 sensors.
  • Less re-gens on engines with Particulate traps due to less particulate emitted from a more complete burn.
  • Engine runs smoother and at a cooler thermal temperature.

Which ECO System?

ECO #1 - 6 Cylinder or less, Motorcycle, Marine, Light Industrial

Most smaller passenger vehicles, ATV, motorcycles, generators,

and most engines under 5 liters.

ECO #2 - 6 & 8 Cylinder, 5 Liter engine, or less

Small trucks, most passenger vehicles, ATV, motorcycles, generators,

and most engines under 5 liters.

ECO #4 - 5+ Liter engine, up to 500 hp

Full size pickup trucks, school buses, long haul trucks, heavy diesel

engines, and off-road equipment. The Chevy Duramax, Ford 6.4 Liter

require ECO-4 due to fuel line size.

ECO #5 - Big engines

Heavy equipment, including large generators, and earthmoving


Fittings and Install Kits available for most applications.


Installation & Warranty

  • Installation should be done by a certified technician or by a technician familiar with fuel lines and fuel line repairs.
  • Fleets with their own maintenance shops may want to do their own installations.
  • The units carry a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty against any defects.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

WARRANTYAdding an ECO Fuel Systems Fuel Enhancer will not affect your vehicle warranty. It is specifically against the law to prohibit after market devices.

If you are told that installing an ECO System will void

your warranty, we want to hear from you. Please have

them put it in writing for you.

If they backpedal on putting it in writing, you know

their concerns are political and not based on fact.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act


Maintenance of ECO-Systems

  • Maintenance of these units is as simple as it gets.
  • Install and let it work.
  • There is no maintenance of the unit itself.
  • When you trade off the vehicle simply remove and install on another vehicle.
  • You may have to change the installation adapters if different from previous install.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Expected Working Life: 40 Years

ECO #2 and ECO #4

  • ECO #2 is for gasoline engines of less than 5 liter. 4 cylinder, V-6 and small V-8
  • ECO #4 is for gas or diesel 5L, and up to 500 hp.

Law Enforcement Vehicles

  • Ford Crown Vic-Sheriff
  • ECO #2 with 007 Kit

ECO #2 on Jeep

  • 2008 Jeep Sahara
  • 006 Kit with ECO #2

ECO #4 on Ford F150

Not Heat Dependent.


U.S.I. Test Results

6.5% Fuel Savings

8.75mpg to 9.31mpg



  • This is an Installation of an ECO #4 with an 002 kit on a Caterpillar engine.
  • We disconnect the metal line coming out of the fuel filter going to the engine.
  • We then connect the male and Female JIC 6 fittings from our unit to the engines’ and tie strap the ECO #4 securely.

Installation must be done by qualified personnel.


Road and Farm Equipment

  • Construction & Farm
  • Less Smoke
  • Better Performance
  • Less Fuel Used
  • Money Saved

Buffalo Marine – Houston TX.

Entire Fleet with ECO-Systems – 4 Years Running

Thousands of Gallons of Fuel Saved


FundingBuying ECO Systems

ECO Systems do not require Tax Dollars to be spent.

Funding ECO Systems with grants or external funds is

like increasing your budget.

The savings on fuel will fund installation of ECO Systems inyour entire fleet over a reasonable amount of time.


Test Data and Results

  • Please refer to the White Paper by Richard Carlson For proof as to why it works.
  • For other test data done by third parties, labs, real world applications and independent and government fleets please go to:


Tar Heel Green Performance

(919) 400-8733

Sales, Installation, Retail, Training, & Warehousing

Check Engine Light – Durham, NC

(919) 620-7963


10 Reasons Not to Buy ECO Systems

You own oil wells.

You don’t care about saving fuel.

You need to spend your whole fuel budget.

You are not worried about air quality.

You like buying regen units for your diesels.

You have money to burn and don’t need to save.

You don’t care about children breathing soot.

You want to wait until cleaner air is mandated.

Data for 8 years, 8000 buses, in 125 School Districts is not sufficient.

Someone told you the ECO doesn’t work.