highlights of main activities in china n.
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Highlights of Main Activities in China

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Highlights of Main Activities in China - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Highlights of Main Activities in China. Hou Huiqun INIS LO for China Director of CINIE. CONTENT INIS Input Preparation INIS Promotion INIS Production Utilitization. INIS Input Preparation.

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highlights of main activities in china

Highlights of Main Activities in China


INIS LO for China

Director of CINIE



  • INIS Input Preparation
  • INIS Promotion
  • INIS Production Utilitization

INIS Input Preparation

In recent years, the input data volume of China INIS Center has been maintained at 3500. For the year of 2011, we submitted 3752 records to INIS. And for this year, the volume would about 3700.

inis input preparation
INIS Input Preparation

Literature Collection:

  • Journal

Subscribe the paper publication or download electronic journal from internet

  • Conference

Get the conference information, contact with the sponsor or attending the meeting

  • NCL

Get China Nuclear Science and Technology Report from Atom Energy Press

promotion of inis
Promotion of INIS

We used to disseminate the information related to INIS through the following two methods:

  • To present and demonstrate on different conferences
  • send introduction and information of INIS to the potential users by post or email

We miss much youth potential users.

promotion of inis1
Promotion of INIS
  • We established INIS centre website of China in the year of 2006.
  • The website server is located in the INIS centre building, so the net speed is quite fast for Chinese users.
  • The Chinese interface and information are more convenient for Chinese users.
  • Therefore, the website is fairly welcome among Chinese users.
promotion of inis2
Promotion of INIS
  • Individual and group users have been more than 3100.
  • These users are from institute, college, nuclear power plant and government department.
  • Most of them find our website by searching via internet. Then they become our users.
  • Many visitors are those potential users who we have missed before.
promotion of inis3
Promotion of INIS
  • INIS centre website of China is a very effective publicity platform.
  • We plan to update existing website and increase function.
  • Now, we are analyzing the user needs and designing the revision scheme.
promotion of inis4
Promotion of INIS

This report is the summary of INIS work and good publicity material for people to get an insight into INIS.

We plan to translate the report to Chinese and send to government department, college and institute on nuclear field.

Now, we have already finished the translation, the translation version of “The First Forty Years” will be published at the end of the year.

utilization of inis products
Utilization of INIS Products
  • INIS is a valuable database
  • The issue is how to let the user get the information easily and meet their individualized demands
  • The ultimate goal of INIS is applications
utilization of inis products1
Utilization of INIS Products

we have done a lot of work.

  • Special topic database

we selected some information from the INIS database and China nuclear science and technology literature database to establish the special topic database. such as radioactive waste management, reactor engineering and nuclear power, it is quite convenient for the searchers to find the exact information they need.

utilization of inis products2
Utilization of INIS Products
  • Journals in electronic formats

We selected some literatures from INIS NCL and translated the titles into Chinese.

Due to the translation of titles and classification of documents, users will enjoy great convenience.

Now, we have produced three kinds of journals in electronic formats, which are “journal of nuclear power”, “production and research of fuel elements” and “management of radioactive waste and nuclear facility decommission”.


Utilization of INIS Products

  • Chinese retrieval function

We processed INIS database on INIS website of China and increased the field of Chinese Thesaurus in database. So that, when the user do retrieval in Chinese, they can get some results.


Utilization of INIS Products

Some experience about INIS utilization :

  • The bibliographic information of the INIS database can not meet the users’ demands entirely, most of time they need the original full texts.
  • We hope the Secretariat may collect more international conference proceedings to improve NCL database.
  • We hope the communication between INIS members may also be improved.
utilization of inis products3
Utilization of INIS Products
  • Because of different situation of the countries, the member states should have their own policies and method of INIS dissemination.
  • Our targets are the peaceful and the utmost use of nuclear power.