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Keystone Financial Management. A John Hancock Member Firm Nick Wynne Marketing Director. Keystone Financial Management. 5 Branch Offices in Eastern PA 50+ Associates Servicing over 80,000 contacts Clients (has assigned associate)

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Keystone financial management

Keystone Financial Management

A John Hancock Member Firm

Nick Wynne

Marketing Director

Keystone financial management1
Keystone Financial Management

  • 5 Branch Offices in Eastern PA

  • 50+ Associates

  • Servicing over 80,000 contacts

    • Clients (has assigned associate)

    • Orphans (JH policy holder without assigned servicing associate)

      *No Centralized, Uniform tracking system that brought all contact management together.

No uniform contact management
No Uniform Contact Management?

  • Problems

    • Clients being contacted and marketed to as orphans

    • Incoming leads not being tracked by firm

    • Misclassification of client vs. orphan from JH

    • Firm was far too reliant on associates to follow proper practices within their own system

      *Again, not centralized. Little Accountability


  • EZ-Data and Smart Office is now, and looks to be the answer to all these issues.

    1. Contact Management


    3. Succession Planning

    4. Recruiting

    5. Policy Tracking

  • Rolling out the system in steps across the entire firm.

    • Too much is confusing, difficult to train, leads to Internet Intimidation

Rollout process
Rollout Process

  • A data import of all existing records of any KFM policy holders

  • Clean-up of data, training of key people, user management system developed

    • Security measures and control at comfortable level

  • Sept. ’06- roll out to a group of 9 pilot users

    • Training, pros vs. cons, modules evaluations, realization of order of operations

      *Feb. ’07- roll out to all associates on a mandatory basis to utilize contact management. 52 Users Enabled.

John hancock s goal
John Hancock’s Goal

  • Have KFM pilot the initial project to determine effectiveness

  • Determine module use

  • Determine producer hurdles and goals

  • Determine firm hurdles and goals

  • Determine Possibilities for:

    • Contact Management

    • Compliance

    • Succession Planning

    • Recruiting

Kfm firm level initiatives using smart office
KFM Firm Level Initiatives Using Smart Office

  • Track leads (orphans or outside)

  • Create proper habits in the manor of communication and service to our contacts

    • Turn our “Customers” into “Clients” & “Advocates”

  • Create a hierarchy of security within the system to allow sales managers and teams to work easily together

    • Accountability and Tracking

  • Succession planning- very simple for senior associates to carve out portions of the BOB’s, working with a junior associate on contact management, tracking activity and corresponding results

  • Compliance- smart pads replace contact logs

    • Also, tech-savvy associates have begun scanning all documents to become nearly 100% paperless

Kfm firm level initiative using smart office cont
KFM Firm Level Initiative Using Smart Office (Cont.)

  • Retired/Terminated associates’ BOB’s can be easily contacted and reassigned

  • Marketing becomes centralized

    • Letter library

  • Recruiting

    • We now have a manageable system to generate leads for new recruits

    • We now also have a much clearer vision of succession, leading to vast opportunities for successful junior associates

Tracking leads contact management
Tracking Leads/Contact Management

  • Allows exclusive assignment to JH generated orphan leads- Much less chaos!

  • Allows sales managers to closely track sales teams’ activity- through, proxy, smart pads, and calendars

  • Allows management to closely track sales managers

  • Ease of ACCOUNTABILITY has become amazing!

    • Within the firm generated lead programs, random smart pad checks to determine proper contact and use of Smart Office

Proactive marketing realized
Proactive Marketing Realized

  • Now that the data has been quantified, cross-sell possibilities are endless

  • Direct mailing campaigns leveraged by firm are easily tracked

  • Client Appreciation Events

  • Importing prospecting lists

    • Marketing campaigns/mass communication easily tracked

Producer pros
Producer Pros

  • Compliance issues cut down

  • Hard Copy client logs- basically gone

  • Assignment and contact issues with clients, orphans, and prospects- basically gone

  • Ease of Succession and joint work with junior associates

  • Allows for customized classification and knowledge of their BOB

Producer cons
Producer Cons?

  • Cost- upon realization of the system capabilities and time saved… nearly vanished

  • Internet Intimidation- provide on-site visits to branch offices, web-cast training seminars between offices, terrific “Help-Desk” available during most business hours

  • No Time- some campaigns can be leverage at a firm level for a minor cost to associates. Promise of time being saved, upon investing the initial time to learn

In conclusion
In Conclusion

  • We have just begun to scratch the surface on the capabilities of Smart Office being utilized within KFM

  • Endless possibilities realized

    • Step by step we will implement

    • Great thanks to EZ-Data, the entire support/training staff from not only myself, but also all the current users

    • Amazing Feedback!