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Fitness classes near Me at ZeSa Fitness Minneapolis PowerPoint Presentation
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Fitness classes near Me at ZeSa Fitness Minneapolis

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Fitness classes near Me at ZeSa Fitness Minneapolis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here at ZeSa we believe that health is more than simply moving your body – it involves the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the company we keep, and much, much more! We created ZeSa Life to provide a resource for YOU – a resource that will help you achieve lasting, sustainable health in mind, body, and spirit. Check back frequently to read our latest blog post, find a simple recipe for your next meal, or to connect with Sally, our health coach, to get personalized support on your health journey.\n\nZeSa Life is to provide health and wellness resources to its members in order to support lasting, sustainable health in mind, body, and spirit.

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zesa activator

Zesa Activator

Unstable Equipment Works

Get full body workout with the Progressive Activator ZeSa®, a revolutionary contribution to the field of fitness.

While other unstable devices are content with a simple wobble, the Activator is specifically designed to stimulate and recruit maximum muscle involvement—secondary and tertiary stabilizers as well as the primary muscles.

More than a decade of experimentation and engineering went into this patented product.

Watch this video to see how the Activator works, how it can dramatically enhance your workout at home, and where you can get one right now.

Three-Dimensional Movement

Activators mimic the movement patterns of the human body through all three planes of motion: forward and backward, side-to-side and most notably, rotationally.

This advanced design engages all your muscles—helping you achieving strength and balance like never before.

zesa activator 1

Zesa Activator

True to Nature

The Activator was designed to be used in our most natural state – with bare feet. Performing an exercise while barefoot (unconfined), more directly stimulates the sensory nervous system, especially the proprioceptors within the foot.

Not only that, but our planet’s most common muscle triggering surfaces include grass, sand, dirt, clay and ice. Natural surfaces possess varying levels of instability, especially in contrast to static hard floors or pavement. The Activator is designed to echo the nuances of natural surfaces and give your body the chance to grow and improve organically.

Seamless Integration

Every exercise that can be done on a flat surface can be performed on an Activator. All of today’s most effective multi-functional exercises—push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks—produce significantly greater results when performed on the Activator.

paired devices

Paired Devices

Two hands, two feet, two ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms.

ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms come in sets of two and are designed as bases of support for the hands, the feet, or both. Whether used singly or in pairs, ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms recruit maximum muscle involvement of not just the primary muscles, but the secondary and tertiary stabilizing muscles as well.

For athletes looking for a hard-core abs workout, ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms provide an extra challenge. By stabilizing yourself on the paired devices, ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms continually engage your abs, building strength and stability throughout your core.

omni directional


The human body doesn’t just move robotically forward and backward or side-to-side. Our sophisticated musculoskeletal system allows for complex movements such as pivoting, twisting, turning, swiveling and more.

Most instability fitness products focus only on two planes of movement:


Side-to-side The revolutionary design of the ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms includes a third critical plane of movement:


This advanced design allows athletes to engage all their muscles, preventing injury and achieving maximum strength and balance. The rotational plane of movement is important to truly getting a full body workout. By engaging secondary and tertiary muscles as well as primary ones, ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms provide the entire body with a challenging workout.

ZeSa Fitness

intensification platforms

Intensification Platforms

With ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms, you can amplify any workout you’re currently doing on a flat surface.

Whether it’s push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, yoga postures or anything else, any multi-functional exercise works on ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms.

ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms enhance an abs workout by engaging your entire core. Not only are you performing a challenging movement or posture, but you’re doing it while balancing on unstable platforms. That means all your core muscles are engaged, boosting the difficulty of each move–and increasing the results.

Take the challenge. Step up to the new floor for fitness: ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms.

user sensitive surface

User Sensitive Surface

ZeSa Activator Training Platforms have a revolutionary user-sensitive surface that provides the foundation for full body workouts, core workouts, and more. Here’s how the technology works:

Anti-slip top layer. Users can easily grip the soft and tacky surface pad of the ZeSa Activator Training Platforms preventing slips and slides off the platform.

Barefoot-friendly. ZeSa Activator Training Platforms are designed to be used with bare feet, which stimulates the sensory nervous system and helps increase foot strength.

Exer-dry. The surface of theZeSa Activator Training Platforms have moisture-wicking technology, keeping your grip strong even in hot, humid conditions.

motion triggering


The human body is designed to walk on unstable environments such as grass, sand, dirt or ice. We’re meant to navigate surfaces that have varying levels of instability, in contrast to hard indoor floors or pavement.

ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms are made up of two primary components:

The Base of the ZeSa® Activator Training Platform imitates uneven or shifting terrain in our environment. This triggers our neuromuscular system to engage muscle spindles.

The Surface of the ZeSa® Activator Training Platform evokes the unstable characteristics of sand or packed snow, which engages additional supportive muscles in the foot and ankle.

Take the challenge. Try ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms and see for yourself how motion-triggering technology works.

progressive series

Progressive Series

ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms are for everyone, from a fitness novice just getting started, to the professional sports teams that use our products in their training.

ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms come in a series of progressively challenging heights and configurations, depending on the amount of balance each Activator requires. That means Activators are appropriate for multiple uses, including injury rehab, senior living facilities, fitness centers, educational settings, youth sports teams, collegiate sports teams, professional sports teams, and more.

ZeSa® Activator Training Platforms can take any user from where they are now to their peak fitness performance.