environmental health nursing n.
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Environmental Health Nursing: PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Health Nursing:

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Environmental Health Nursing: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental Health Nursing:. An Introduction for Community Health Nursing Students. Learning Objectives. Describe environmental health issues in communities and populations of service Analyze the role of the professional nurse related to environmental health

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Environmental Health Nursing:

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environmental health nursing

Environmental Health Nursing:

An Introduction for Community Health Nursing Students

learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • Describe environmental health issues in communities and populations of service
  • Analyze the role of the professional nurse related to environmental health
  • Describe the use of environmental health assessment tools in the home, work, community, hospital/medical settings
  • Identify sources environmental health information for health care providers and community members
describe environmental health issues in communities and populations of service
Describe Environmental Health Issues in Communities and Populations of Service
  • Learning activity - Reflective thinking exercise on a memory of an environmental experiences
    • Identify and describe locations of your environmental experience
    • Share descriptions with the group 
  • What is environmental health?
  • What are exposure risks?
  • What are environmental health issues?
    • Local
    • National
    • Global
environmental health categories of risk
Environmental Health Categories of Risk
  • Air
  • Water
  • Land
  • Waste
  • Common household exposures
    • Lead, mercury, radon, carbon monoxide, pesticides
populations of special concern
Populations of Special Concern
  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Vulnerable populations
  • Workers
nursing and environmental health
Nursing and Environmental Health
  • Nursing process is used in the care of communities and populations.
  • The sciences of nursing and public health provide the evidence base for community and population assessment, interventions and evaluations.
  • The discipline of nursing has included health disparities and social justice as a framework and lens to drive nursing practice.
  • Nurses are in the best position to address environmental health issues because of their presence in virtually all healthcare settings (IOM, 1995).    
community health nursing competencies and environmental health
Community Health Nursing Competencies and Environmental Health
  • Community/Public Health Nursing Core Competencies and Principles (APHA, 2008)
  • The “Minnesota Wheel” Public Health Interventions: Applications for Public Health Nursing Practice ( MDH,2001)
    • www.health.state.mn.us/divs/cfh/ophp/resources/phnnews/docs/ 0606wheelbook.pdf
    • Learning activity – Take one component of the “Wheel”, and identify and describe potential nursing interventions related to environmental health
i talk
  • A mnemonic designed to guide nurses to invite discussion with clients/community members related to home and work environments (Ercolano, et al., 2008)
  • I TALK Tool focuses on:
    • Improving client communication about environmental concerns and actions
    • Promotes the role of nurse as a learner and advocate about the environment and health-related effects
i talk1
  • I - Investigate and invite discussion
    • Ask about concerns, exposures, health problems
  • T - Teach
    • Educate clients about exposures and risks
  • A - Assess Actions
    • Ask about client’s planned actions and provide guidance
  • L - Lead
    • Participate in groups that address environmental health
  • K - Know
    • Educate yourself and share this knowledge with clients and colleagues (Ercolano, et al., 2008)
Environmental Health Assessment Tools(University of Maryland, School of Nursing, Environmental Health Education Center)
  • Population - Focused Tools
    • Prenatal Environmental Health Questionnaire
  • Location - Focused Tools
    • Home Environmental Health and Safety Assessment Tool
    • Environmental Health Community Assessment Tool
    • Hospital Environmental Health Assessment Tool
sources of information on eh issues
Sources of information on EH issues
  • EnvirRN http://envirn.umaryland.edu/
  • NIH
  • CDC http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/EHN/
  • Toxicity and Exposure Assessment for Children’s Health (TEACH) http://www.epa.gov/teach
  • Personal care product - www.cosmeticsdatabase.org
  • Movie: Blue Vinyl