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Accelerate Productivity with EMC Information Infrastructure PowerPoint Presentation
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Accelerate Productivity with EMC Information Infrastructure

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Accelerate Productivity with EMC Information Infrastructure

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Accelerate Productivity with EMC Information Infrastructure

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  1. Accelerate Productivitywith EMC Information Infrastructure

  2. Transformational Drivers in Manufacturing • Consumers Have Choice • Access to Global Products • Products available at Competitive prices in India • Disruptive Technology • Making all stages of manufacturing “low touch” or “no touch” • Increasing productivity to compete effectively in Global Economies Market Speed • New Global Markets Opening, Expanding • Lowered Barriers Erase Traditional Advantages

  3. Need of the hour… • Reduce Cost • Simplify Processes • Through integration with suppliers, dealers, support partners, even customers and other functions within the organisation • Respond faster to customer needs • How well we know them • What are they saying about us! • Protect your “Intellectual Property” • Information protection • Compliance • Security

  4. EMC Today…..Building the Information Assembly Line… View Enterprise Applications Big Data Applications Greenplum Big DataAnalytics Structured & UnstructuredMassive Scalability vFabric vFabric vCloudDirector CloudFoundry CloudFoundry vShield vSphere vSphere Atmos Isilon Ionix VNX VMAX VPLEX Hybrid Technologies Security & Compliance Policy-Driven Mgmt Integrated Data Mobility Data Domain, Avamar, Networker • Big Data Storage • Linear Scalability, Operational • Simplicity, Geographic • Distribution, File And Object Transactional Storage VMware Integration, Simplicity, Efficiency, Scalability, Availability Backup And ArchivingSpeed, Deduplication, VMware Integration

  5. EMC helps Transform Manufacturing Role of IT is bigger than Ever • Increasing productivity through integrated information infrastructure • Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools • Cloud Computing Infrastructure • Shorten the product development Lifecycle • Collaborative Tools and information sharing platforms • Protection of patents / designs / Intellectual property • Build and Improve Customer Intimacy programs • Real time information made available to customers, employees and suppliers

  6. Increasing Productivity through Integrated Infra Simplify Reduce Downtime Build a foundation for Future…

  7. 14+ years of successful partnering • 20+ joint engineering projects yielding best practices • More than 10,000 joint customers More SAP Deployed On EMC Storage Than Any Other Vendor– IDC Source:  IDC, Storage User Demand Study, 2011 — Spring Edition: Unlocking the Minds of Storage Users, Doc # 230148, Sept 2011

  8. “Having completed 60 percent of the migration to date, we have already seen a 55 percent reduction in our BI response times. We are very happy with our decision to select the VMAXe solution.” Anonymous Asian Paints Ltd Chose EMC Storage for maximising productivity Challenge • Increase in data load led customer to find a more powerful, scalable and efficient storage solution Solution • VMAXe with Flash Drives • FAST VP Results • 55% reduction in business intelligenceresponse times, reducing from 9 milliseconds to 4 milliseconds • Scalability increased from 360 drives to 1,000 drives allowing for continued expansion • FAST VP expected to deliver greater performance and improved disk access rates Applications • Federated Live Migration • SAP ERP • IBM Cognos

  9. Mission-Critical Business Continuity for Oracle / SAP – Reduced Downtime • Eliminate single points of failure at all layers in environment • Provide active/active data centers with near-zero RPOs and RTOs • Fully automatic failure handling and load balancing • Zero downtime maintenance • Simplified deployment of Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Clusters • Increased infrastructure utilization • Active/active data centers • Near-zero RTOs and RPOs • 24/7 application availability • No single points of failure • Simplified high availability management

  10. Three Paths - From Running IT to Consuming IT Choice of Architecture Build Your Own Vblock Systems EMC VSPEX Best of breed infrastructure components ProvenInfrastructure Converged Infrastructure Running & Consuming IT Running IT Consuming IT

  11. Integrated Packages (Server + Storage + Network + Virtualization) Accelerate your productivity in Integrated Solutions Business Drivers Reduce IT infrastructure cost during refresh Accelerate deployment of new SAP applications Simplify support and reduce risk 85–90% less cost:In hardware (fewer servers, switches in data center) 80% faster deployments: Prepackaged, complete SAP infrastructure and migration services Integrated support: Single point of support for customers and defined escalation paths for lower time to resolution

  12. Shorten the product Development Lifecycle

  13. EMC Documentum Platform The Documentum platform helps organizations get maximum leverage from their unstructured content for enhanced productivity, operational efficiency, and revenue generation in a trusted, secure environment Managing Business Information Throughout Its Lifecycle CAPTURE MANAGE COLLABORATE PRESERVE DISCOVER COMMUNICATE SOP MANAGEMENT INVOICE PROCESSING PROJECT MANAGEMENT ARCHIVING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT EMPLOYEE ONBOARDING CONTRACT MANAGEMENT TECHNICAL DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT BRAND MANAGEMENT UNIFIED INFORMATION REPOSITORY

  14. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES • GO FROM THIS: • Lost productivity • Costly errors in recreating content • Lack of accurate information for decision making • Multiple copies of information • Lack of accountability, security, and trust • High risk of non-compliance with regulations • TO THIS: • Higher productivity • Enhanced collaboration • Reduced costs • Greater visibility and insight • A trusted business environment • Compliance with regulations and governance policy

  15. Business Challenge The lost time spent identifying , searching for, and recreating content while attempting to facilitate document collaboration Issues: • Growth and disaggregation of content • Changes in the way we work globally, remotely, and on a virtual basis • The need to support mobile users • Poor decisions due to poor visibility into business conditions • Negative impact on business processes, productivity, and customer satisfaction

  16. The Solution Systematically manage content through its entire lifecycle with the ability to quickly and accurately locate , share, edit, and repurpose it Value: • Enhanced productivity, faster delivery of business objectives, better corporate alignment and consistency, better decision making and outcomes Collaborative ECM

  17. Functional Use Cases Product planning Project management Marketing R & D Customer Relationship Management Communities of Practice Sales enablement

  18. Protect your Information Assets EMC - Best storage for R & D data Design Files Remote offices / Factories / Laptop / Desktop There is a need to protect it against deletions or data loss…

  19. Desktops / Laptops in Factory and ROBO Backup and Recovery Challenges • Reasons to consider ROBO backup via WAN to a centralized location • Concerns about backup data security at ROBO • Storage system costs • ROBO backup quality is poor (speed, reliability, frequency) • Lack of qualified IT resources at ROBO • Concerns about regulatory compliancy • Administrative staff costs • Storage media costs • Offsite courier costs Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, Remote Office/Branch Office Technology Trends, July 2011

  20. Network Deduplication Is the Enabler Move and store less data D D A A C C C B B B D A A Divides data into variable-length sub-file segments Determines if segments are unique or duplicate Backs up only unique data Sends data compressed and encrypted B D A A C C B B B C D A

  21. Shorten Backup/Recovery Times Avamar shrinks backups and speeds data recovery TRADITIONAL BACKUP AVAMAR BACKUP Long backup cycles Laborious restore process Up to 90% faster backups Simple, one-step recovery Meet strict SLAs and RPO/RTO

  22. EMC Customer Intimacy Solutions Improving Customer Experience Demand Analysis Solutions Sentiment Analysis Solutions


  24. Intelligent Customer Communications Solution - xPression Collateral Correspondence Billing Proposals Statements Policies & Contracts

  25. Want to predict sales of consumer goods Plethora of variables (over 2000 available) to explain sales Current customer platform scattered Data stored in parallel DB, Data processing done in separate environment Data modeled by 3rd party vendor Use Greenplum as the Unified Analytics Platform to develop superior automated models EMC Demand Analysis Solutions

  26. What are our customers saying about us? • Discern trends and categories on-line conversations? • Search for relevant blogs • ‘Fingerprinting’ based on word frequencies • Similarity Measure • Identify ‘clusters’ of documents Convert unstructured Content into Structure information using EMC Greenplum

  27. EMC Accelerating Productivity for Manufacturing • # 1 in Collaboration tools • Build & Improve Customer intimacy programs • # 1 Analytics solution provider • What our customers are saying about us! • # 1 Storage solution provider • Both Mid-Range and High End Storage solutions • # 1 Disaster Recovery solution provider • Reducing Downtimes, leveraging multiple sites • # 1 De-duplicated Backup recovery solution • Protecting information at Remote Sites / Desktop / Laptops