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  1. QUALITY SERVICES OF FARIDABADREPAIRS 2016 is one of the most renowned home appliance repair company with professional repairman who have years of experienced in their specific field! H T T P : / / W W W . F A R I D A B A D R E P A I R S . I N /

  2. QUALITY SERVICES OF FARIDABADREPAIRS With many new inventions being introduced in the modern kitchens and that are serving our human needs with complete satisfaction. Our methods of cooking, washing and enjoying the comfort Air Conditioner’s within our houses has made us dependant on these modern inventions. All our household work is being aided by these electrical devices. When there are issues find in these modern devices, it alters the household work completely. A simple fault is Air conditioner; refrigerator or washing machine can disrupt common household activities. These are modern machines built with newer technologies and repairing them requires professional repairmen who have the skills and experience for correcting these. Faridabad is one comprehensive home appliance service company with reliable and dedicated repairman. Following are the premium services offered by in the vicinity of Faridabad district. 1.REFRIGERATOR REPAIR SERVICES in Faridabad Faridabadrepairs has reputation for fixing all major issues on fridge/refrigerators with optimum solutions that provides permanent fixes. Our repairmen are certified professionals who over the years have done exemplary service. We are the authorized service center for all major international brands that are available in the market i.e. Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Videocon, Onida, Haier, Voltas, Godrej, Panasonic, Ken star, Blue Star, Hitachi, Bosch and so on.

  3. 2.WASHING MACHINE REPAIR SERVICES in Faridabad Washing machines is built on modern design too with latest technology. These designs and mechanism requires industries experts to handle all repairs and fixes. As this machine is now common in every household in India and regularly there are cases of repairs. We have the expertise to handle all types of Semi-automatic and fully automatic machine brands. We use only authentic spare parts for servicing your product and our work is recommended by the customers all the time. 3.MICROWAVE REPAIR IN FARIDABAD in Faridabad Microwave is the latest kitchen appliance which is now found in the confines of common homes these days. Used mainly for re-heating other cooked foods, microwave oven is also used for heating specific items like fats, butter and frozen chocolate. This modern electric device uses microwave radiation in heating the placed foods inside. There are lot of factors that can create common faults in the working of the microwave oven. You need special technicians who can handle these issues with expertise solutions. 4.AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR IN FARIDABAD in Faridabad There was time when rich and only few have the access to this creative modern innovation ‘Air Conditioner ’. But things have changed for good, AC are now installed in common houses. Providing comfort in the stunning heat winds during summer. When this device starts giving problems perspiration humidity and sweat creates frustration for families. Faridabadrepairs have the skilled guys who over the year have gained in correcting all issues related to air conditioner. We service all major types and brands available in the market. Our services are available 24 x 7 with reliable services that will sort your issues on same working day only unless external parts are ordered from out of area. We have been successfully serving people across Faridabad with complete satisfaction. Our prices are most affordable as per the market standards. Contact us now for any quotes on all home appliance repairs in Faridabad city now!