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PowerPoint Rubric. By Mr. Free. Introduction. The following slideshow presents a rubric or checklist for a PowerPoint presentation.

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By mr free

PowerPoint Rubric

By Mr. Free


  • The following slideshow presents a rubric or checklist for a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Suggestion: Before you begin your presentation, become very familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint’s toolbar menu, icons/buttons, how to add a new slide, how to insert Clip Art or Word Art, etc.

Plan 1 what do we need to know
Plan: (1) What do we need to know?

  • I can use multimedia terms to explain projects.

  • I can create a multimedia product using data to present information.

Do 2 how will we learn it
Do: (2) How will we learn it?

  • The topic may either be assigned or a list of topics will be given (to choose one).

  • Create and complete your PowerPoint presentation, according to the following PowerPoint rubric (evaluation).

Study 3 how will we know if we ve learned it
Study: (3) How will we know if we’ve learned it?

  • Seven or more slides

  • Slide 1 is the title slide.

    • The title of your presentation

    • Your first and last name

    • One clip art graphic or picture

  • Slide 2 is the introduction

    • Tell the audience/readers what your slideshow will be about.

Rubric the middle slides
Rubric – The Middle Slides

  • For slides 3-5, have a heading (the main idea) and three supporting facts about the main idea.

  • If you want to have more than seven slides, insert the additional slides after slide 5.

Rubric the next to last slide
Rubric – The Next to Last Slide

  • Slide 6, or the next to last slide, is a conclusion.

  • A slideshow may be concluded in a variety of ways:

    • A summary of the slideshow

    • Additional information about the topic

    • A question or questions

    • Your opinion

    • How the topic applies to you

Rubric the last slide
Rubric – The Last Slide

  • Slide 7, or the last slide, is the Credits slide.

  • This slide may be called Credits, Works Cited, or Bibliography

  • List sources used (Microsoft Clip Art, the title and address of a web page, etc.) in alphabetical order.

  • Remember your name goes on the title slide, not on the credits slide.

Rubric appearance
Rubric - Appearance

  • The PowerPoint is to have consistent appearance with same or similar backgrounds, colors, fonts, etc., from slide to slide.

  • Appropriate fonts and background color contrast should be applied.

  • Make it look professional.

Rubric images graphics
Rubric – Images (Graphics)

  • Clip art must be used at least two slides.

  • One or more appropriate images may be collected from the Internet.

    • However, correctly reference/list the web page where your retrieved the image.

    • The correct reference is NOT Google images but the specific web page and Internet address where Google found the image.

  • Use of Word Art is optional.

Rubric animations and transitions
Rubric – Animations and Transitions

  • At least three slides must be animated.

  • Use of sound is optional but it should appropriately enhance the slide, not something that merely distracts the class. Please keep the volume low.

  • There must be a transition between each slide.

Middle school writing rubric goal
Middle School Writing Rubric Goal

  • Demonstrate reasonable control of grammatical conventions, sentence formation, standard usage (including agreement, tense, and case), and mechanics (including capitalization, punctuation, and spelling).


  • Microsoft Clip Art

  • PDSA Cycle,

Act 4 what will we do if we haven t learned it 5 what will we do if we already know it
Act: (4) What will we do if we haven’t learned it? (5) What will we do if we already know it?

  • Reflect upon what you did.

    • What was successful?

    • What contributed towards learning?

    • What needed to be improved?

Conclusion What will we do if we already know it?

  • By using and applying this PowerPoint rubric, we are knowledgeable of the specific content, organization, and appearance of our slideshow.

  • This rubric or checklist may be used for self-assessment, peer feedback, and teacher evaluation.