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Pyramus and Thisbe PowerPoint Presentation
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Pyramus and Thisbe

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Pyramus and Thisbe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pyramus and Thisbe
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  1. Pyramus and Thisbe

  2. Pyramus and Thisbe lived in the city of Babylon. At the time, the city was surrounded by a wall made of baked brick and bitumen bound with iron, which was also one of the wonders of the world. Another wall separated the houses of Pyramus and Thisbe; Their houses were side by side.

  3. They were in love, and would have married, but their parents forbade it. Later on, they found a small chink (crack) in the wall, which became their “channel” of love. They would talk to each other until the night came, then print on each side of the wall, they kisses they weren’t able to give to each other.

  4. Not being able to endure their separation, they decided to run away one night, and meet under Ninus’ tomb, under the shade of a mulberry tree. This Tree Bore Fruit that was white. [[Remember that!]] Thisbe got there first, and while she was waiting, a lioness came for water to the spring. When Thisbe saw her, she escaped to a nearby cavern, but she left her cloak on the ground behind her. After the lioness was done drinking, she saw the cloak, and tore it all to pieces. A little while later, Pyramus arrived and saw the cloak. He assumed that Thisbe was dead, and in his sadness and desperation, he drew out his sword and stabbed himself in the side. As he lay there dying, the blood turned the white fruit of the tree a deep, dark red.

  5. When Thisbe came out of hiding, fearing Pyramus would miss her, she found him lying under the tree. She said "O Tree, who now shade with your branches the poor body of one, will shade two"

  6. Having Said This, She Drew Out His Sword and Killed Herself. But, their remains rest together in the same urn. And the color of the of the mulberry is the deep, red, when ripe.