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Elements of Writing

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Elements of Writing
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Elements of Writing

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  1. Elements of Writing Vocab Words: Week 12 Find fifteen correct answers, +2 Find all of the answers, +3

  2. Puckish • Impish, whimsical • Adj • The puckish child from this movie was a devious child! He played the worst tricks on everyone; it took a dad of steel to raise him, even John Ritter still had a difficult time with it!

  3. Vaunted • Highly praised or boasted about • Adj • This vaunted monastery off the coast of France is highly praised for its beautiful architecture; of course, many boast about the fact that sometimes it’s on an island, depending on the tides.

  4. Edify • To instruct and improve, especially in moral and religious knowledge; to enlighten or inform • Verb • Children’s television has slumped and contains little redeeming value with foolish characters and ridiculous concepts; however, this long running show still edifies while entertains.

  5. Ostentatious • Showy, pretentious • Adj • I find most sports cars too showy for my taste, but there’s one cool one, even though it’s still a bit pretentious. The Nicholas Cage character in Gone in 60 Seconds has a long standing feud with an ostentatious car that is named this girl’s name.

  6. Prattle • To babble or chat idly • Verb • This actress played many fantastic characters on Saturday Night Live. She hurt herself during dress rehearsal playing one character known for prattling and an overactive imagination. She slammed herself into a door, but she did it again and again and again and again when the cameras rolled.

  7. Wan • Unnaturally pale; ashen; showing ill health or fatigue • Adj • This actor, who played famous roles like Sam Spade and Rick Blaine, died of cancer. Despite how sick and pale he was, he tried to prevent his ailing and wan appearance from besmirching his reputation as a tough guy. He was known to have his staff carry him into a room before a party and carry him out after the party.

  8. Woolgather • To day dream (often used as “woolgathering”) • Verb • While sitting around and woolgathering under an apple tree, this scientist discovered gravity or calculus or something like that when an apple bonked his head. I hope he ate the apple; it interrupted his daydreaming!

  9. Temerity • An act of rashness or recklessness; unreasonable contempt of danger or opposition • Noun • The temerity of this American Revolution figure was great. He had the audacity to gather a force and attack the British in Quebec! If he had succeeded, the US and Canada might be one nation, but there were too many dangerous obstacles, including getting his force through the dangerous wilds of Maine.

  10. Riposte • A retaliatory maneuver or response, a quick retort • Noun • This English king defeated the French at Agincourt. He used his longbow men to mow down the French troops as a riposte to their advancing, attacking troops.

  11. Cohort • A group of warriors or followers, companions or colleagues • Noun • This film is a portrayal of Israeli intelligence hunting down and assassinating the cohort of Palestinian murderers who kidnapped and killed Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games.

  12. Paladin • A champion or leader of a cause • Noun • This woman championed the cause of the French during the 100 Years War. She inspired the troops and lead the French to victories; however, this paladin was captured, tortured, starved, forced to confess to heresy, and burned at the stake.

  13. Iota • An infinitesimal amount, a jot • Noun • In this film, there was hardly an iota of energy in the flux capacitor. Marty McFly had to push the Delorian to the side of the road because there was so little juice left in the contraption.

  14. Euphemism • A word or phrase used to soften another expression • Noun • “Cut the cheese” and “passing gas” are two euphemisms for this 10-letter word that begins with the letter F.

  15. Junket • A trip or expense on company or public expense • Noun • A reader must be careful of the glossy car magazines like Car and Driver. Car companies are known to send reporters on junkets where they are wined and dined—all for free—hoping they’ll get a good review. For example, there are conflicting reports between Car and Driver and testing on this company’s Malibu. (Identify the car company)

  16. Jocund • Merry • Adj jocundity = noun • This jocund director’s films aren’t always as merry as many people think. Most of his films have a darker, somber side; a lot of viewers miss this because they’re caught up in the comedy. Crimes and Misdemeanors, though it has comedy in it, has a darker message. He did start as a standup comic!

  17. Jocose • Given to joking • Adj Jocoseness = noun • The jocose nature of this video game makes it very funny. The two aliens—Abe and Munch—fart and flatulate their way through all sorts of silly and ridiculous puzzles. I wonder how many people pick up on the social criticisms laced under the joking and playful alien exterior?

  18. macabre • Gruesome or gory, dark and grotesque in mood or tone usually associated with death • Adj • The student recited this poem by this famous author known for his macabre writings. The foolish kid thought it was light and airy with cool onomatopoeia, but it was really about growing old and dying, with different bells representing different stages of life. (Two part answer)

  19. Palatial • Grand, like a palace • Adj. • The ruins of Tintern Abbey were once a palatial monastery or convent. Now, however, this grand complex is only a ruin covered in vines and moss, but the beauty of the area impressed this poet enough to write a famous autobiographical poem about it.

  20. Palatable • Agreeable to the palate or taste; appealing • Adj • This musician was one of three Time People of the Year for 2005. He is known for trying to help the world while writing palatable music. This music has an appealing sounds that has entertained fans for more than twenty years!