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Church Etiquette PowerPoint Presentation
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Church Etiquette

Church Etiquette

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Church Etiquette

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  1. Church Etiquette New technologies, especially mobile devices, are becoming ubiquitous. Most Church buildings have Wi-Fi that allow internet connectivity during services. The Church encourages use of this new technology. HOW SHOULD WE DEAL WITH THIS NEW CAPABILITY?

  2. Church Etiquette • What is okay? • Using Gospel Library to read scriptures or manuals? • What is not okay? • Anything else? What about hymns? What about Ensign?

  3. Church Etiquette • Sacrament Meeting is the crucial time. How do we feel about others engaged in these activities during the meeting? • Texting? • Surfing the web? • Playing Angry Birds? • Not putting phone on silent (not vibrate)

  4. PURPOSES OF SACRAMENT MEETING Each sacrament meeting should be a spiritual experience in which members of the Church renew their covenants by partaking of the sacrament. Other purposes of sacrament meeting are to worship, provide gospel instruction, perform ordinances, conduct ward business, and strengthen faith and testimony. I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND THAT WE SHOULD NOT ENGAGE IN ANY ACTIVITIY THAT DESTRACTS FROM THESE OBJECTIVES.

  5. PERSONAL OBSERVATION …how distracting it was to be passing the sacrament to those who were busy using their phones, or to be sitting behind or next to someone in Sunday School who was using their phone to do stuff other than follow the teacher. Even if it didn't distract them, or if they didn't care to participate, it still affected those around them. I suggested that if one didn't have the self control to pay attention at church, they were probably better off leaving it at home. I tried to emphasize that their use of their phone/tablet during church could either very helpful or very hurtful.

  6. AN ALTERNATE THOUGHT… Is it OK to let children work in a coloring book but not play a game on a mobile device? What if the device in on silent? What if it is the Coloring Game from

  7. SUMMARY There is no set of established rules. We should use common courtesy and discipline. We should train children to do the same.

  8. Questions?