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Body Armor

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Body Armor

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  1. Body Armor By Aaron Marquez H Period Mr.Gjoka

  2. The Time • When man first walked he tried to make an object that would protect him from bodily harm.

  3. The Inventor • We do not know who made the first armor because it was constructed before written documents were made.

  4. The Materials • In the first body armor they may have used animal skins and possibly bone. • Many year after the invention of metal gave the armor a add boost of protection. • Around modern time the invention of bullet resistant fibers further increase the soldiers survivability.

  5. The Manufacturing of the first armor • To get the materials needed, the person would have to kill an animal and skin it. • Next the person would have to make leather from the skin and shape the leather into the right proportions. • Finally the person would layer and sow the leather together to make the protective shirt.

  6. Improvements • From basic animal skin jackets to metal plate armor. • Metal provided a extra level of protection against cutting, stabbing, and blunt trauma. • After metal came the modern protective fibers that can take multiple shot and keep on protecting the user.

  7. The Makers • In the beginning the first people who made armor were the hunters and the warriors of the tribe. • During the iron, bronze, and middle ages the black smith was responsible for the creation of the armor and or the weapons. • In modern time the armor is made by many different manufactures.

  8. Examples

  9. Pros and Cons • Skin armor is light but provides less protection. • Metal gives more protection but lacks mobility. • Bullet resistant vests give the best of both worlds but still has its limitations.

  10. Armor in the public's mind • In the middle ages the site of a fully armor knight was one of both power and status. • Modern armor can be concealed but is as important to some people in the world as food and water. • But people forget the roots of armor, as a simple leather jacket.