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Animal Health & Welfare Board for England Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Animal Health & Welfare Board for England Presentation

Animal Health & Welfare Board for England Presentation

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Animal Health & Welfare Board for England Presentation

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  1. Animal Health & Welfare Board for England Presentation Michael Seals MBE

  2. Michael Seals • Farmer • Corn Cattle & Horses • Recent Posts • NFU • Food Law, Standards, Council • EMDA • NRoSO • NFSCo

  3. Animal Health and Welfare Board for England “A once in a lifetime opportunity to empower farmers and animal keepers, build trust and forge a working partnership at all levels”

  4. AHWBE –Its Place, Its Role • Advising Ministers and Communicating • Setting strategic policy and budget priorities • Develop key policies and funding • Disease risk assessment and management • Surveillance & Research Priorities • Implementation and delivery • Effectiveness and proportionality of regulation • Approval of operational and contingency planning

  5. Our Priorities Team working Merge the expertise of non executive and executive members Build trust and partnership with animal keepers and officials Getting to know Defra/AHVLA staff Communicate

  6. Who is the Board? • The Chairman • The Executive team • The non Executive Team • All members are individuals, not representative of the industry or Defra

  7. The Board at Work • Board Meetings • Papers, Debates, Conclusions and Recommendations • Establishing sub-groups and working groups • Linking up with stakeholders and sectors • Communication • The Board’s meetings will involve external expertise and officials • The outcome of our debates will be published as will our recommendations to Ministers • We will involve external industry in our sub groups bringing their expertise into the core debate • We will hold workshops to map our progress and seek input • We will communicate by meeting key stakeholders and animal keepers.

  8. The Work Plan • To understand the Board’s role • The Development of Animal Health & Welfare Policy and its Delivery • Build trust and a working partnership between government and animal keepers • Work towards improving the health and welfare of kept animals, acknowledging that there are related benefits for industry and wider society • Encourage innovation, alternative approaches and best practice to achieve maximum value for money in the use of resources • Work with industry to fund development of AH&W • Work swiftly towards a future where animal keepers develop self-reliance with strategic support from government. • Reconsider and re-define the roles and responsibilities of government and animal keepers, to achieve the right balance and meet our shared aims • Develop an Industry / Government Implementation Agenda

  9. Risks • Failure to earn trust • Being seen as a talking shop • Cost cutters and cost transfer only • Allowing stragglers to avoid compliance • Interfering in delivery and existing stakeholder links and communications

  10. Benefits • Building trust • Challenges old ways whilst bringing new and innovative ideas forward • Develops AH & W with industry • Effective presentation of animal keepers in policy making • Supports Officials and Stakeholder Groups • Communicates well to all parties • Cuts cost and shares cost seamlessly, while making animal health and welfare delivery more efficient • Sets, maintains and improves standards • Delivers a sense of partnership

  11. Summary I like to think of our work as the 3 ‘D’s • Deliberation – the Board’s deliberations will lead to a clear, • Destination – the Board will clearly outline a direction of travel • And DETERMINATION – the Board will lead and encourage industry with determination

  12. Challenge and Opportunity • Developing this Board is a challenge for all of us • Changes ahead for everyone dealing with aspects of animal health and welfare, every animal keeper, owner or custodian • An opportunity to find new ways of working, and delivering • With one aim, to establish better animal health and welfare

  13. Thank You • Any questions?