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introducing PhoneGap

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a tour of introducing phonegap. introducing PhoneGap. Thành viên của nhóm 2. Phonegap?OMG…What is it?. -a Framwork: But what is framwwork? -It’s a free opensource of Nitobi -It can be used to develop mobile application.

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phonegap omg what is it
Phonegap?OMG…What is it?

-a Framwork:

But what is framwwork?

-It’s a free opensource of Nitobi

-It can be used to develop mobile application.

-used for building apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry,

webOS, Bada, Symbian

-It’s called cross platform

-what’s cross platform?

-allow developers use HTML.CSS and JavaScript to develop their apps

The benefit of phonegap?




Write once,run everywhere

Most APIs are provided

Do more with less

write once run everywhere
1Write once,run everywhere

-Code once,but work perfectly on all devices

do more with less
2Do more with less

-Understanding on HTML,Css,javascript then you can start changing the world

-Its source code is based on web technology(HTML5,CSS3,Javascript) and open source

most apis are provided
3Most APIs are provided

-Most of API are provided so programmers can interfere with device’s functions(camera,GPS,Files,Contacts…)

The limitation of phonegap?





Problem with old mobile brower

Problem with resolution on different devices

others problem

Problem with resources management

problem with old mobile brower
1Problem with old mobile brower

-Incompatitible with old mobile brower because javascsript isn’t supported and its slow speed

problem with resources management
2Problem with resources management

-Can’t control the process,Synchronization,asynchronization as well

-Ability in graphic is limited

problem with resolution on different devices
3Problem with resolution on different devices

-The application layout will not compatibility with different devices

The limitation of phonegap?


Others problem

-Other parts of the device can’t be controlled,ex:keypad, track ball,

tapping,rocker …

-It’s hard for developing bacause of debugging hard

-there is a limitation on related document wiritten about PhoneGap,

may be it’s new 

**But….Don’t worry Day by day,PhoneGap try to release their new update versions to fix bug and reduce its limitations

May be ,it will be used widely in the future