how to check your ads for more sell n.
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How to Check Your Ads for More Sell PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Check Your Ads for More Sell

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How to Check Your Ads for More Sell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Check Your Ads for More Sell
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  1. How to Check Your Ads for More Sell Newspaper in Education Week – Design an Ad Contest

  2. Today’s retail merchants are investing more money in newspaper advertising now than any other time in history • Merchants (and consumers) are more knowledgeable in the ways of using the newspaper effectively

  3. Planning Promotion • Good market research and evaluation will provide the merchant with the following information: • When customers begin buying in volume • When sales in each merchandise line will peak • When sales in each line will taper off

  4. Begin With a Plan • A good advertising plan is based on these buying patterns • An effective advertising plan will utilize appropriate timing as well as: 1. Particular advertising objectives, 2. Enough advertising pressure to meet and beat competition and 3. Continuous analysis of results

  5. Advertising Objectives • The purpose of most ads is three-fold: increase traffic throughout the store, increase sales of advertised items, and enhance the store’s reputation • Each ad should reflect your store’s basic objectives throughout the ad

  6. Competition • Rival merchants are in the newspaper day after day • You must tell your story as effectively and as often

  7. Analysis of Results • A close check of which ads are profitable will provide useful information to help improve your advertising plan • A plan alone does not insure success; it’s how the white space is used that spells the difference between a sellout and a flop

  8. Select Items Which are in Demand Right Now • Feature items that have a current customer acceptance and a demand-in-volume • NIE Ads will be published in early spring (March/April)

  9. Select Items Which Are Stocked in Depth • It’s bad customer relations to run out of an advertised item.

  10. Select Items Which are Newsworthy • Staple items can be newsworthy when they represent something better offered at a more attractive price • Branded merchandise is newsworthy and builds prestige for any store • Ask/answer: “What is it about this item which will excite the interest of the customer and encourage her to buy it now?”

  11. Select Items That Are Typical of Your Store • Generally, a store appealing to middle-income classes should advertise items acceptable to such customers • Who is your target market?

  12. Select Items Which Are Best Values • Value doesn’t necessarily mean low price; it means the most for your money regardless of price • Advertise items that provide more customer benefits than those being offered by competitors

  13. Coordinate Price Lines • Your best-selling price line usually produces the best advertising results

  14. Don’t Go Overboard on Clearance Items • Almost every week ads clear shelves of unwanted or slow-moving merchandise for retailers • Many stores use EOM (end-of-month) sales which are accepted by customers in proportion to their belief in the values being offered