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Finance Electives

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Finance Electives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finance Electives. BBA 2010-2011. Fall 2010. FIN 314 Corporate Investment Decisions Valuation tools of financing statement analysis, financial forecasting, and cash flow estimation and shows how to estimate of cost of capital.

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Finance Electives

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finance electives

Finance Electives

BBA 2010-2011

fall 2010
Fall 2010
  • FIN 314 Corporate Investment Decisions
    • Valuation tools of financing statement analysis, financial forecasting, and cash flow estimation and shows how to estimate of cost of capital.
    • Valuation in context of resource allocation and mergers and acquisitions
  • FIN 315 Financial Institutions
    • Theories of financial intermediation, institutional features of these organizations and the regulatory framework under which they operate.
    • Analyze key risks faced by these institutions (such as interest rate, liquidity, and credit risk) and how they are managed using various risk-management tools.
  • FIN 317 Corporate Financing Decisions
    • Capital structure theory and impact of taxes, cost of financial distress, agency and informational issues.
    • Different securities used to raise external capital (Initial public offerings, seasoned equity offerings
    • Payout policy (dividends and stock repurchases)
fall 20101
Fall 2010
  • FIN 318 Real Estate Fundamentals
    • Urban real estate theory and practice considers the nature of real estate investment and finance, and the real estate business.
    • A local property will be extensively analyzed utilizing discounted cash flow programs and project feasibility techniques.
  • FIN 322 Real Estate Finance
    • Takes the perspective of the investor in real estate deals and develops concepts and techniques for valuing and financing residential and income-producing property.
  • FIN 329 Financing Research Commercialization
    • A practicum, offering an opportunity to apply collective team work of a student/mentor alliance to building a launch pad for a technology-based venture.
    • Each team's objective is to bring its assigned project to a level at which venture capital or angel investors will be interested in "deal".
fall 20102
Fall 2010
  • FIN 340 Financial Trading
    • Uses trading simulations and lectures to illustrate concepts such as order types, market clearing, information-based trading, liquidity and price manipulation
    • The course is designed for students that may take sales and trading jobs, but its relevant for all students who may trade securities in the future
  • FIN 380 Options and Futures
    • Covers futures, options, and other financial derivatives.
    • Develop a framework for analyzing and using these instruments in financial decision making include hedging and risk management, portfolio insurance, index arbitrage, and corporate finance
spring 2011
Spring 2011
  • FIN 308 Capital Markets and Investment Strategy
    • Focuses primarily on equity securities
    • Ultimate goal in the class is constructing a portfolio of equities that delivers the best possible expected return given the risk inherent in holding the portfolio.
  • FIN 309 Fixed Income Securities and Markets
    • Introduces the principal classes of fixed income securities; money market instruments, Treasury securities, agency securities,
    • Focus on the institutions, pricing, risks, and hedging of these securities.
spring 20111
Spring 2011
  • FIN 317 Corporate Financing Decisions
  • FIN 318 Real Estate Fundamentals
  • FIN 319 International Finance
    • Interaction between cross-border trade, capital flows, interest rates, inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, and economic growth, and their impact on international finance markets.
    • Topics will include the foreign exchange market, international equity and bond markets, hedging foreign exchange risk, currency and financial crises
  • FIN 325 Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Fundamentals of venture capital and private equity finance.
    • Focused on financing startup and early stage, technology-based firms, later stage investment and buyouts.
spring 20112
Spring 2011
  • FIN 335 Applied Financial Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt
    • Takes place in the Tozzi Center and requires students to manage a real investment fund. Emphasis is on combining skills acquired in traditional courses with latest financial technology for active portfolio management.
  • FIN 418 Advanced Derivatives (Prereq: FIN 380)
    • Covers advanced topics on derivative securities. Develop the Black-Scholes model and more general option pricing relations.
    • How pricing concepts can be applied to assets, inc. exotic derivatives, interest rate options, warrants, corporate bonds and credit derivatives
  • FIN 450 Alternative Investment(Prereq: FIN 308, 309, 380)
    • Takes place in Tozzi Center and is designed to provide understanding of the capital managed by hedge funds.
    • Covers the steps to organize and create a hedge fund, various strategies employed by funds, & performance measurement techniques.
    • responsible for coming up with a plan of establishing a hedge fund