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Tree Planting

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Tree Planting
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Tree Planting

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  1. Sacramento Tree Service | Sacramento Arborist | Tree Removal Expert tree service in the heart of Sacramento with your satisfaction guaranteed. One of our Arborists can give you a free comprehensive evaluation on all the trees and shrubs in your landscape and give you a scheduled maintenance plan. Call for free arborist consultation.

  2. About Us Mission Statement/Our Founder Fallen Leaf Tree Management was started with the intentions of raising the standards and quality of practices within our industry. Every member of the team should have ambitions to progress in knowledge and responsibility. It is vital to the nature of the company that its employees embrace a passion for doing great work and aiding in the education of each and every customer. We take personal responsibility and pride in each tree we plant, prune, fertilize, remove or protect. Advancing our own skills and setting the example for those around us. We work as a family, play as a team and make every tree we touch better because of it.

  3. Pruning And Maintenance To most people, pruning is pruning. Sadly this is not the case. Improper pruning can make pruning necessary on an annual basis, or force the tree to grow faster, weaker and more susceptible to insects and disease. Topping and “lion’s tailing” (cutting all interior branches leaving only the smallest of limbs at the very tips) unfortunately are common practices that should never be done. Large pruning cuts should also be avoided unless an imminent hazard is present. Proper pruning is always done out on the ends with cuts 3” and under. Pruning is what we are most proud of. We train our staff to be the best at all applications, whether it is your prized Japanese maple or a native oak that shelters your home. When pruning is done correctly it greatly reduces your tree’s chances of failure, lowers its susceptibility to insect and disease and brings out lasting beauty that improves the value of your landscape. Most species of tree will hold a prune for 3-4 years and some as many as 10.

  4. Planting & Establishment At Fallen Leaf Tree Management we are dedicated to planting the right tree in the right place. This means careful selection to insure that the trees we plant are of good stock, an appropriate species for the place to be installed and that the installation is done with care to insure ongoing vitality. Most trees that are planted improperly last an average of 7 years before they fail, 7 years of watering, staking and fertilizing and then it fails and you have to start over. Our certified arborist will insure your tree/shrub has a good start and guaranteed survival. We use a program which has over 7,000 trees with color pictures and information about fruiting, fall color and a lot more. So you can look at what it is we are suggesting without having to make a trip to the nursery. Once we have selected a tree that is appropriate for the site and of your liking. We will have certified personnel install it, ensuring that the root system is started in the right direction and won’t cause problems such as circling or girdling roots.

  5. Tree Removal In urban areas tree removal can be very technical and require a high level of skill, expertise and the right equipment. Often that tree may be far beyond the capabilities of your average tree company. This is where we have invested a lot of training and equipment to make sure the job is done safely and cost effectively. We have the most experienced crew and the largest chippers and trucks. We use advanced rigging techniques that will prevent property damage and get more done for your dollar. Because we own our own cranes we can get larger trees or more trees done in a day, because we have the largest chippers and trucks we can dispose of trees quicker, because of the experience and training of our staff we can manage work efficiently using advanced rigging techniques. All of this saves you money.

  6. Tree Moving Tree moving is an investment in time as well as a show of respect for the time that has already been invested into a large tree. You can have instant maturity and shade without years of waiting, watering and maintenance. “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago!” If you didn’t, than we can move a 20 year old tree for you, or a 120 year old tree. Tree moving is a science that is based on an understanding of soils, roots, energy storage and wood structure, our practices are mostly proprietary secrets and the process is more complex than your landscaper might think, if you’re going to make the investment make sure to use a master arborist that has moved giants.

  7. Contact Us 4951 Hedge Rd #6 Sacramento, Ca. 95826 Phone: (916) 447-8733, (916) 388-8964 Fax: (877) 891-9589 Website: