world war ii research the battle of okinawa n.
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World War II Research The Battle of Okinawa PowerPoint Presentation
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World War II Research The Battle of Okinawa

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World War II Research The Battle of Okinawa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World War II Research The Battle of Okinawa. Map of Okinawa Island.

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World War II Research The Battle of Okinawa

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    1. World War II ResearchThe Battle of Okinawa Map of Okinawa Island One of the more important American victories in the Pacific against the Japanese – as part of the Allied “island hopping” strategy to win the war against Japan.

    2. Battle of OkinawaWhen & Where • Overview: Okinawa was the largest amphibious invasion of the Pacific campaign and the last major campaign of the Pacific War. The costly Allied victory set the stage for the final assault on the Japanese mainland. The battle began just one month before the war against Hitler in Europe would come to an end (VE-Day = 5/8/45). • When: April 1945 • Where: In the Pacific; less than 1,000 miles from Tokyo, Japan. Map showing American Advances at the Battle of Okinawa

    3. Battle of OkinawaWhy? • After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (12/7/41), the United States entered WWII against the Axis Forces of Germany, Italy, and Japan. In the Pacific Theater of fighting, the United States used an “island hopping” strategy to drive the Japanese back. • Although the fighting war fierce, the Allied forces were able to slowly drive the Japanese back toward Japan – beginning with the first American victory in the Pacific: the Battle of Midway (June, 1942). media/44/71344-004-6C54BEBD.jpg Scene from the Battle of Okinawa

    4. Battle of Okinawa: Battle Details • The attack on Okinawa took heavy toll on both sides of the fighting… • The Americans lost 7,373 men killed and 32,056 wounded on land. • At sea, the Americans lost 5,000 killed and 4,600 wounded. • The Japanese lost 107,000 killed and 7,400 men taken prisoner. • The Japanese may have lost another 20,000 dead as a result of American tactics whereby Japanese troops were incinerated where they fought. • The Americans also lost 36 ships. 368 ships were also damaged. 763 aircraft were destroyed. • The Japanese lost 16 ships sunk and over 4,000 aircraft were lost. Another Battle Scene from Okinawa

    5. Battle of OkinawaImportance • In addition to being another importance Allied/American victory in the march toward defeating Japan, the incredible casualties in the battle helped convince President Truman to use the atomic weapons against Japan (later that summer) to minimize losses and end the war as quickly as possible. American Troops at the Battle of Okinawa