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Healthy Bodies – Strong Minds

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Healthy Bodies – Strong Minds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Healthy Bodies – Strong Minds. The ingredients for anti-bullying. Objectives. To explain what self-esteem is and why it is important to for the students to develop self-esteem.

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healthy bodies strong minds

Healthy Bodies – Strong Minds

The ingredients for anti-bullying

  • To explain what self-esteem is and why it is important to for the students to develop self-esteem.
  • To develop an awareness of positive attributes a person may have and have the students develop an awareness of their own personal positive attributes.  
  • To introduce the idea of using self-esteem as a way to promote positive community and reduce bullying behaviour.
summary of the lesson
Summary of the lesson
  • Introductions
  • Self-Esteem
  • Big Group Activity
  • Small Group Activity
  • Introspective & Star Activity
  • Summary & WOD for Kids
self esteem
  • What is self-esteem?
  • Why is self-esteem important?
self esteem is
Self-Esteem Is…
  • Self-esteem is the concept of valuing yourself and your abilities.
  • Self-esteem involves self-confidence, valuing your beliefs, your thoughts, and your abilities.  
  • Having high self-esteem allows one to be open to others achievements as well.
  • And many of the things you just said!
group activity
Group Activity

On the board…

what do you think
What do you think…
  • What are sources of self esteem statements?
  • Examples:
    • I am good at soccer.
    • I am funny.
    • I am good at reading.
    • I write good stories.
    • I have lots of friends.
small groups
Small Groups

Writing activity

write down on your paper
Write down on your paper…
  • What is something you have done that you are proud of?
  • What is something that you like about yourself?
  • What is a characteristic that you admire in other people?
  • What could you do to develop this characteristic in yourself?
now share with your group
Now share with your group…
  • Keep conversations positive
  • Support your classmates and friends
  • No pressure! You can keep your reflections to yourself and just listen at this stage.
bullying discussion questions
Bullying: Discussion Questions
  • Who has heard of somebody being bullied?
  • What does a bully look like?
  • What types of attributes do bullies tend to have?
  •   If you feel good about yourself you are less likely to say or do things that would make other people feel not good – which is what we call bullying.
  • Research shows that improved self-esteem both decreases bullying and helps the victims of bullying do better.
  • Bullying is a significant negative burden in our society through all ages.
introspective activity
Introspective Activity
  • Think of a time when…
  • Why?