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Gods Of Olympus PowerPoint Presentation
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Gods Of Olympus

Gods Of Olympus

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Gods Of Olympus

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  1. Gods Of Olympus By: Chetan Singh

  2. Greek Gods • All of the gods in Greek mythology live in Olympus which is why it is called the city of the gods. There are 3 Main Greek gods with 11 other gods also. Any god in Greek mythology is referred to as an Olympian. These gods came into power when the main three gods defeated the ruler of the titans; their father Cronus.

  3. Zeus • Zeus is the god of lightning. He is one of the three main gods and is arguably the most powerful. His weapon is his famous thunderbolt.

  4. Poseidon • Poseidon is the god of the ocean. Poseidon is also one of the three main gods. He wields the Trident which controls all of the water in the world.

  5. Hades • Hades is the God of death. He is the last member of the main three gods. He lives in the underworld and uses his staff in fights. Hades is also known not to enjoy his brothers Poseidon and Zeus.

  6. Hestia • Hestia is the goddess of architecture. Hearth is used to symbolize Hestia.

  7. Ares • Ares is the great god of war. He is extremely il-tempered and jumps to conclusions. He prefers to use his spear in battle.

  8. Athena • Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strategy, the opposite of Ares. The Greek city of Athens was named after Athena.

  9. Apollo • The god of light and healing is called Apollo. He is deadly accurate with his bow and arrow in battle.

  10. Aphrodite • Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. She was married to Hephaestus but was very unfaithful. She did not serve any major purpose in the battles of the gods.

  11. Hermes • Hermes is the god of traveling and messages. That’s why he might be referred to as the gods messenger. He uses his staff (caduceus) in battle.

  12. Artemis • Artemis is the goddess of hunting and the wild. She also uses a bow and arrow similar to Apollo.

  13. Hephaestus • Hephaestus is the god of metalworking and husband to Aphrodite. He likes to ride a donkey and has no major impact on battles the gods fight.

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